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The US to Impose Fresh Sanctions on Russia Amid Election Controversy

The US 2016 Presidential Elections have become one of the most controversial issues for the country. The unending saga continues where the US has reached a point to impose fresh sanctions on Russia. A vote in the US Congress to impose new sanctions on Russia have worsened the relations between the two countries.

Concerns Raised About New Sanctions on Russia

Russia is not happy about the new legislation. Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia gave warning that the sanctions will seriously deteriorate US-Russia relations. Furthermore, he added, that this action will make it very difficult for the two countries to normalize their relations.

Similarly, the EU is also not happy over the announcement of fresh sanctions on Russia. The EU authorities have said to take action if concerns related to Russia’s energy support to Europe are not laid to rest.

Sign or Not to Sign

Well, the US politicians are expecting the bill to pass. Donald Trump did not give any indication if he would sign the bill or not. Although, the US Congress did pass the bill. However, to get it approved, Donald Trump will need to pass it.

Why Sanctions on Russian, Yet Again?

Well, apparently the memories of the US Presidential Elections of 2016 still haunt many. Similarly, the involvement of the US President as well as his son-in-law raise big questions over the legitimacy of last elections. So far Trump Administration vehemently denies that they had anything to do with Russia.

EU Not Happy with Fresh Sanctions on Russia

The President of the EU Jean-Claude Juncker stated that the US should have coordinated with the European Union before making the announcement. Furthermore, he added that the new announcement would have an impact on EU’s energy security. The sanctions on Russia will have repercussions on Nord Stream 2; a pipeline planned to carry natural gas from Russia to Germany.  Many European Companies have given funds for the project to complete.The US to Impose Fresh Sanctions on Russia Amid Election Controversy

What if Trump Does Not Approve the Bill?

There is strong support for the current bill. Therefore, if Trump does not support the bill, it will still get sufficient votes to get approval. If approved, the bill will become an enforceable law. The Russian President has repeatedly denied claims of his country’s meddling into US 2016 Presidential Elections.

What Will Be Bill’s Impacts on Russia?

Here are some of the restrictions the new bill will place.

  • Not let the US President ease sanctions against Russia using his executive powers.
  • To make the currently in place sanctions even stricter.
  • To freeze the assets of state-owned Russian companies abroad in railway and mining sectors.
  • Reduce duration of the loans given to Russian Oil & Gas companies & banks.
  • Penalize those firms in Europe which are contributing to Russian energy development projects. It will mainly impact companies working on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
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