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Is US Sending Naval Carrier to Middle East as Part of Psychological Warfare?

The US sent an aircraft bomber carrier to the Middle East after it received a report of an attack on US military personnel and its allies in the region. This move has further heightened the tension between Iran and the United States.

US Naval Carrier is No Threat Says Iranian Security Council

While talking to the media Keyvan Khosravi, a spokesman for Iran’s supreme national Security Council told that US National Security Adviser John Bolton lacked the proper understanding regarding defense and security. His actions were clumsy and out-of-date. Such acts of psychological warfare will not harm Iran.

He further told that they spotted the carrier entering the Mediterranean 21 day ago and had been monitoring it since. Despite Iran’s claims, there was ample proof showing its involvement in anti-state activities.

According to a media report before the deployment of the carrier group the US, intelligence had gathered evidence detailing the time and location of the attack against US personnel in Iraq and Syria using its proxies.

This Is Just another Us Tactic to Pressurize Iran

It has not been so long since the US declared Iran’s revolutionary guard a terrorist group. The deployment of US naval assets In the Mediterranean is the latest step taken by the US in an attempt to isolate Iran economically and politically, thus forcing it to comply with the new US demands. This process of isolating Iran began when America pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal.

Then last month the US president Donald Trump announced that anyone who continues to import oil from Iran would face sanctions by the US. According to experts, this decision could have a detrimental effect on the economies of many countries. Countries like China and India which heavily rely on oil imports from Iran will face a tough time.

Amir Hossein Zamaninia, Iran’s deputy oil minister, told the media that the country had mobilized all its oil resources to be sold in the gray market. The state might not be able to sell 2.5 million barrels of oil a day as per the nuclear deal, so the government of Iran needs to make some tough decision regarding the economic and financial future of the country.

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