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How Much Credit Goes to Pakistan for US Peace Agreement with Taliban

February 29 marked the historic day in the saga of Afghan-US war story. President Trump was finally able to fulfil one of his key promises. However, not in the way he might have imagined. US peace agreement with Taliban took place after successfully completing a seven day cooling off period.

In this period, Taliban and the US were expected to show zero signs of oppression if they wanted to sign peace deal. Pakistan has remained committed to support dialogue process between both the warring factions.

The Afghan-US war has caused a lot of social, religious, and progressive distress in Afghanistan in the span of two decades. This agreement should have happened years ago.

Pakistan’s current Prime Minister Imran Khan is famous for voicing his support for resolving Afghan conflict through a peace process like negotiations.

Now when both the parties have signed a conditional agreement Khan’s supporters are lauding him for his stance on the matter.

Key role of Pakistan in US peace agreement with Taliban

While Trump was proud of playing a mediator between India and Pakistan situation, Pakistan already tried mediating in US’s longest war by giving a simple solution. Unfortunately, at that time both parties were blinded by their power to win the war.

It was very important to bring much awaited peace and stability in Afghanistan along with improving strategic partnerships with US and other foreign nations. Pakistan as a neighboring country has suffered a heavy collateral damage in the war of big egos.

It is the win for the world peace and Pakistan is proud to take the first step in peace talks with rest of the world.

Continued Support from Pakistan for US Peace Agreement with Taliban

Representative from the Ministry of foreign affairs widely recognized and appreciated the facilitating role of Pakistan. After fearlessly appealing for world peace at UN Global Conference 2019, Pakistan used its limited influence to make sure Taliban agree to peace talk with US.

Folks have diverse opinions on this matter and Pakistan’s role on  mediating between Afghan Taliban and the United States. Some factions think that a peace deal in Afghanistan which if brokered by Pakistan may not please India.

We would love to wait and see what Indian people, media, or government think about this historic moment.

The tension between Taliban and Afghan Government

The world is also speculating the outcome of the US peace agreement with Afghanistan since all the warring factions may not be a party to this deal.

Even if Taliban hold their end of the contract, it’s possible that ISIS or AL-Qaeda perpetrate an attack and Taliban get the blame for it yet again. Afghan government is too weak to stop it from happening which drives Taliban to take questionable measures.

Peace in Afghanistan has not substantiated yet since the f Afghan Talibans don’t share a good relation with their government. The fate of this country which is a warzone since decades will depend upon who rules the country in the years  to come and how different warring factions resolve their internal disputes.  Till now, it only seems President Donald Trump’s attempt to win the US Presidential elections 2020.

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