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After Buying the Danish West Indies, the US Eyeballs Greenland

This isn’t the first time the United States has expressed an interest in buying Greenland from Denmark. Trump, during his presidency, has repeatedly expressed his intention to buy the Danish territory with a varying degree but has failed to take steps to implement this.

First Danish West Indies and Now Greenland

collapsed as it heavily depended on slave labor to farm its plantation. The unfruitful islands went up for sale in the 19th   century and some early part of the 20th century. In 1917 finally, the US bought it for 25 million dollars from Denmark due to its vital trade route position in the Caribbean. 

Now the US is eyeballing another strategically positioned Danish administered territory. Since 1867 the US has been presenting Denmark with various offers trying to convince it to sell Greenland over to it. Under the presidency of Harry S. Truman, the US offered Denmark 100 million dollars, but It refused.

Why Is The US So Eager To Buy Greenland?

The US already has an airbase in the Danish territory that it uses to monitor all the activities in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Hence giving it a higher chance to detect threats approaching from there. Besides this, the landmass sits at a critical trade route between the EU, Canada, and America. Acquiring it will give the US greater freedom of trade with the EU.

The Public’s Reaction to Trump’s Desire

During his presidency, Trump at times has said and done some of the most absurd things like the US continental army manning the airports during Americans fight for independence or condoling the victims of a mass shooting that took place someplace else.

If Trump thinks the Danish territory is up for sale, he must be mistaken and confused as hell. Somebody must have played a prank on him.

If  POTUS somehow manage to buy the landmass the only thing that is going to be built there is Trump towers.

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