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US Ready to Face the Guam Threat by North Korea

The US President says that his country is ready to neutralize Guam threat by North Korea. He says that his military options are locked and loaded. He warned that North Korea must not act unwisely or it will face the consequences. Donald Trump is accusing North Korea of creating this chaotic situation in the region.

North Korean Guam Threat is Real

North Korean leadership is unhappy about the latest sanctions imposed by the US on the country. Therefore, intelligence reports suggest that it is preparing to attack Guam. The Guam threat is not made up anymore. The US military is already preparing itself to deal with any hostile situation.

US Secretary Still Hopeful for Diplomatic Solution

Despite the fiery statements by Donald Trump, the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson is insisting on a diplomatic solution. He is of the view that the two sides can still peacefully resolve the issues. Furthermore, he believes that peaceful means of resolving this conflict will best serve the purpose.  

The US does not want to exhaust its diplomatic options. Despite Trump’s harsh stance on Guam threat, American efforts aim towards diplomatically tackling the problems.

Difference of Opinion on Guam Threat by North Korea

Mattis wants the US to come up with a diplomatic solution to the North Korean problem. However, the public still does not know about the outcome of meetings between Haley and Tillerson. Trump Administration is still filling in roles to handle the North Korean issue. Two of the key posts still vacant include the Assistant Secretary for the East Asian and Pacific Affairs and the US Ambassador to South Korea.

There are also divisions about the right way to tackle this problem. For example, the UK’s ambassador to the UN Mathew Rycroft believes that Trump is doing the right thing. However, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres does not agree with what Trump thinks. He believes that these remarks may derail the diplomatic efforts to resolve this standoff. The UN Secretary Council’s new resolution aims to peacefully solve the problem and find a political solution to it. The UN Secretary General, as per his spokesperson, welcomes any suggestions to overcome this crisis.

Why So Much Importance to North Korean Guam Threat?

The US was not bothered much about the situation even after the two missile tests. However, the new US military intelligence findings had a surprise for its leadership and the rest of the world. These reports suggest that North Korea may possess the capability to miniaturize the nuclear warheads. Therefore, if there is an iota of truth in this report, the US has to worry about protecting its outpost in the Pacific.

US Ready To Face the Guam Threat by North KoreaIncrease in Pressure on China

The US is trying to play its diplomatic card with China cleverly. There is an increase in pressure on China to play its role in taming down North Korea. The US wants China to notify North Korea that it will not come to its aid in case of a conflict. Similarly, the US wants China to stay neutral if the US and South Korea want a regime change.

The famous Global Times, a publication from China, often comments on its government policies. It wrote a piece about this whole situation. In that piece, it reiterated the need for China and Russia to improve coordination. The publication argues that this coordination must reflect that the two sides will support each other in case of a security threat.

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