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US Report Denies India’s Claim of Shooting Down PAF F-16

A report released by US officials state that all PAF F-16 fighters are accounted for and none was missing. In February’s dog fight between the Indian and Pakistani air force, India claimed that it shot down an F-16 belonging to the Pakistani Air force.

What Does The Report State Regarding PAF F-16 Fighter?


As a result of the recent India Pakistan standoff after Pulwama attack, the Indian air force lost one of its aircraft and got captured its fighter pilot  Abhinandan who was later released. IAF  also claimed that before being shot down Wing Commander Abhinandan managed to shoot down one of PAF F-16.

After repeatedly failing to show proof to back its claims the PAF invited American officials to physically inspect and count the total number of F-16 planes it had in its arsenal. The American officials after inspecting the PAF f-16 feet that all were accounted for and non-had been lost or shot down put an end to another one of its false claims.

How Are Indians Reacting To This Report?

Indians are losing their minds over the American report that discredits their claims of downing a PAF F-16. They are angry at their leaders for disgracing the country by making false claims.

After the release of the report, many are asking that if the IAF claims of shooting down a PAF F-16 are false than what did they shoot down?

Indians Should Stop Lying and Acting Like Heroes

Many feel that Indian leader should stop lying to the public and stop acting like a bunch of heroes who have conquered the world

Others feel that the main reason why our leaders and politicians are not refusing or avoiding answering any questions regarding the Balakot strike is because all their claims are false. Furthermore, the release of this report cements this fact. 

After the release of this report, it seems some Indians have lost touch with reality as their speculations are pure nonsense and are giving the Pakistanis a good laugh.


Despite these discouraging views of many Indians some high ranking military officials are still maintaining that they did manage to shoot down an F-16 operated by Pakistan.  The US will never back this claim as it will result in loss of business for them.

Even after the negating Indians claims Indians on social media still firmly believe in shooting down the f-16 myth put forward by the armed forces and the media

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