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How Use of Drones During Coronavirus Lockdown Is Making Lives Easier

Over the past few years drone technology has been center of attention mainly for taking pictures, recording videos, delivering goods  and doing surveillance for governments. Just like normal life drones during coronavirus are also proving of a great use.

A drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) refers to pilotless aircraft that operates through many technologies including computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI) and other.   

Using Drones during Coronavirus Lockdown

Countries around the world are in lockdown to slow down the spread of novel coronavirus. More than one-third of World’s population is in full or partial lockdown.

Pandemic has confined millions of families to  home which is necessary in order to stop spread coronavirus. While people are keeping them from going out and shopping unnecessary they are not finding it easy to shop for essentials like groceries and medicines. Lockdown has posed serious challenges for retail sector like delivering supplies of everyday essential in neighborhood.

With the Global pandemic upon us techies suggesting to use drone technology for the delivery of daily life essentials just like Amazon and Google did before.

From getting medicines to disinfect diseases, here’s how drone technology is serving the homebound.

Drone Technology A Helping Hand

 Drone technology is used for a large variety of applications to satisfy needs and perform some tasks  that people are unable to do during lockdown.

Google Alphabet’s wing delivery service spiked in recent weeks as people adhered to social distancing rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has been delivering essentials like toilet papers through drones.

People are stuck at home due to lockdown and there seems no solution to find the way to get what they want. Here  a boy found a way, he used drone technology to get coffee delivered at his doorsteps. It was indeed one of the best examples of using drones during coronavirus pandemic.

It seems like many companies are using the drones to provide at home delivery service of essentials during quarantine.

Well, not all the delivery services are using drone technology to deliver essentials.  Matternet a company that develops drone logistic  is making the best use of drones during coronavirus by exploiting technology to deliver medical samples including blood diagnostics, pathology specimens and medicine to hospitals, medical facilities and suppliers.

There are a number of ways through which drone technology can used as game-changer in fighting coronavirus. It is not being used to deliver the essentials at doorsteps but also to facilitate spraying disinfectants in hospitals and public places; this is indeed a great initiative since it saves delivery men and janitors who are at risk of getting infected while being in line of duty.

Drones Delivering the Prizes

All the main events as well as sporting events have been either cancelled or delayed due to coronavirus lockdown. Russia is in lockdown with nearly 12,000 confirmed cases. Social distancing has stopped players from playing and club officials from meeting in person.

Since there are no celebratory events, use of drones during coronavirus pandemic can still do the task of at least acknowledging the efforts of those who have done something marvelous. Zenit St Petersburg had a novel idea to deliver their Player of the Month award using a drone technology at home. Brazilian Malcom has won player of the month award by getting 30% of his fan’s vote.

Making Most Out of the Drones

Like other technologies, drone technology also comes with a large spectrum of advantages. But, along with the positives, the sad truth about drones is that there are certain burning flaws like hacker risks. Drone technology can easily be manipulated or even directly employed as a tool of terror. Companies need to make most of the use of drones during coronavirus so that they can know which are the areas where work needs to be done and how things can be improved.

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