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4 Ways Using Smartphone Is Lethal For You

There is a very popular joke among millennial- Never argue with your mom or she will give you a lecture that will start from your studies and end up at telling you harmful aspects of using smartphone. Yes, parents always find a way to curse the cell phones of their kids or hold these devices responsible for every wrong thing they commit in life.

Well, that mere playing of blame game by the parents might seem no less than a joke but it has got to do much with how youngsters are behaving in this smartphones dominant world.

In fact using smartphone is not a matter of change in behaviour but it is more than lethal.

Harmful Aspects of Using Smartphone

It Makes You Anti-Social

Here it will be inappropriate to say that using smartphone is the only thing that makes a person anti-social. In fact social media websites have their equal share of alienating the people. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram have turned the world a global village on one hand but on other hand they have made them disconnected to the loved ones. Users know what is happening in the other part of the world but they dont know what the person living next to them is suffering from. And, yes the burden of responsibility lies on the smartphone as it always remains in the hands and makes users keep on checking what’s up in the form of never ending push notifications.

Further, all those augmented reality and virtual reality apps that promise to offer immersion make people feel that real world is less immerse-worthy.

It Turns You Into A Psychopath

Don’t ask for surveys and stats that prove smartphone users are actually a psychopath. Li Do you seriously think that reaching out to the pockets for checking smartphones after every 10 minutes when you don’t have a real business to do with them is so normal? If so, then humanity must define the new standard of normality now. Like, family members are sitting around dining table, eating food and no one is talking to each other, even no one is focusing on eating. They are like one hand is gripping the morsel and fingers or other hands are tapping the screen, with eyes wide open and protruding out.

Side effects of using smartphone

It Is  A Worse Addiction

Now, people who are really habitual of using smartphones for long hours will agree with this. That mere slab of glass is keeping them conscious. Many users often remain attentive towards the sound of vibration as if they are waiting for some notifications. The desire to check the phone is so strong that very often they end up picking their phones even when there is no buzzing. Such an addiction, often makes users scroll down their mobile phone screens for no less than 10 hours. Consequently, they waste a significant portion of their time, that could otherwise be used for some productive purposes.

A Waste of Money

We have to admit that time is changing and human beings have to learn behaving in the digital world. But, there is also something known as sustainable development- the term doesn’t mean sustaining the economic resources and averting the climate change. It also means to preserve the very element that makes us human beings. And, no doubt that at the peak of digital innovation, the human element will become a scarce element. So, one should not keep on paying hard earned money to purchase useless fitness apps to get in shape or gaming apps, only on the name of evolution or getting along with demands of the new era. A pressure of buying new apps and updated versions of the mobile phones makes a person an ultimate consumer.

Yes, using smartphone is lethal as it makes a person psychopath, induces stress, anxiety and causes loss to the health and it is a mere waste of time and health. But, off course it has a use and choosing to be its slave of master, entirely depends upon the user.

Being a C.E.O of Evolverstech Nasir Ibrahim has a close watch on the dynamic and ever-evolving world of IT and Technology. He is passionate to write about latest technology trends, IoT, digitization and innovations taking place around the world.
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