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Voice Notes Reveal If Usman Mukhtar Harassed Mehrooz or Not

Mehrooz Waseem, the digital artist presented social media with voice notes from Usman Mukhtar, the Pakistani actor, and director. According to her, Mukhtar harassed her and those voice messages are proof of her stance against him. The story doesn’t end here because the quarrel between the two has another angle. Previously, the director had posted a long text on Instagram, in which he mentioned that someone was harassing him but he did not reveal any name. 

How did the Dispute Between Usman Mukhtar and Mehrooz Started?

Before Waseem posted screenshots and voice notes on her social media accounts, Usman Mukhtar began with his story of being harassed by a female celebrity. His message on Instagram explained how someone was blackmailing, harassing, and bullying him. The text also revealed that he reported the crime to FIA and the institution was handling the matter. As per the actor, it took FIA more than a year to find the responsible person and it questioned her about the details of the entire scenario. Although, the alleged harasser is still not putting a stop to her activities against him. He apologized for the inappropriate timing of the text and said that his family and close ones have been facing the same problem since the person accountable is threatening them too. 

The director talked about how the dispute was initiated in the first place. It started in 2016 with the launch of a music video. The difference of opinion regarding the creative touch in the video began unwanted arguments that turned into a big battle. Moreover, the issue was not even close to the conclusion hence the involving FIA became a necessary action for him. The post also reveals that his accusations resulted in even a bigger problem when the accused started condemning him under certain allegations. 

Mehrooz Shares Voice Notes Alleging Usman of Harassment

Recently, the digital artist shared screenshots and a voice note on Instagram. In the audio message, Usman Mukhtar can be heard calling Mehrooz Waseem the worst client to work with. Other than that, the artist claimed that her rival was threatening her to remove a picture of him off social media. It was a BTS photo that she posted on one of the platforms and Mukhtar never asked her not to use it. Mehrooz also accused that Usman charged her with a big amount of money too. Upon which, there were disagreements between them but eventually, the issue was resolved. 

She shared her personal FIA statement, after which the actor concluded the case against her. In her statement, she has mentioned how unprofessional, arrogant and hard to understand his accuser was. She stated that he was open about all of his personal life issues but completion of the music video was the least of his concerns. Every time they sat together, he didn’t show any interest in the video, instead, he always talked about other stuff related to his personal life. The FIA statement posted on social media is self-explanatory and can brief the viewers about Waseem’s side of the story.  

Mukhtar Denies the Accusations 

The ongoing dispute between Usman Mukhtar and Mehrooz Waseem has taken a new turn. The allegations against Mukhtar have directed him to file a case against the Musician. Reportedly, the filmmaker has announced his decision to take legal help and file a lawsuit against his opponent. Usman Mukhtar whose film Bench made it to the Cannes film festival also has a huge fan following in real life as well as on social media. He asked his followers to stop sending offensive messages to Mehrooz as this was not an appropriate approach. Lastly, he mentioned that considering law is his final hope.

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