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Why Uzma Khan Withdrew Her Case Against Malik Riaz’s Daughter

Pakistani tv and film actress Uzma Khan withdrew the case against Malik Riaz’s daughter on 2nd June. Previously, she accused Amina Usman Malik, Amber Malik, and Pashmina Malik (later two are Malik Usman’s daughters) and their armed guards for attacking her and her sister after breaking into their house.

Reportedly, Khan and the accused have reached some kind of settlement with each other. This news is proving disappointing for the people who were actively supporting Uzma Khan.

Uzma Khan’s Statement on Withdrawing Her Case

Her sister Huma Khan said in a statement that Uzma Khan filed the case based on a misunderstanding and accused did not torture her in any way. She added that the sustained injuries were from the broken pieces of glass and no violence took place. 

It is unbelievable how any law can accept such a statement after so much visual evidence and public appeals by the victim.

The reaction of People Demanding Justice For Uzma Khan

People felt for the actress when they watched videos of the violent attack on the sisters. They hoped to find justice and stand up to the elite and influential class of Pakistan who can buy itself out of any problem but it doesn’t seem possible right now. This angry fan meme perfectly describes how mad people are at Uzma Khan for withdrawing the case.

Lawyers Disassociate from The Case

The legal counsel of Khan, Hassaan Niazi and Kaddija Siddique also announced to disassociate themselves from the case. Both of them maintained that they didn’t know anything about the settlement.

People Speculating The Reason

One can instantly think about a reason for this u-turn by Uzma Khan. The accused belong to an elite family with a fortune to spend on various activities. It is argued that the realtor, Malik Riaz has pulled off a Don Vito Corleone from the 1972 classic The Godfather. He might have offered an attractive bribe to close the case as soon as possible because his name was constantly associated in some capacity due to being a patriarch of the Malik family.

Another user sarcastically took a jibe at Uzma Khan. He implied that the actress thanked the public for supporting her. Now people can relax because the alleged lucrative deal was more important than winning this case.

It is strange that the guy named Usman Malik is being concealed from the public eye who was also the main topic of the fight between these women. People could have also stressed that why he was not questioned or publicized like all these women?

Personal Statement By Uzma Khan

In her personal statement, she condemned everyone for personal attacks and character assassination. She said that such behavior does not produce any result except reflecting the misogyny and patriarchy of society. She believes that her fight against the rich and influential who misuse power. She also confirms that one day she will be able to successfully defend herself against such influential people and get justice.

Was This Bound to Happen?

There is literally a one word answer to this question but this family deserves some ‘respect’. Malik Riaz has a net worth of 1.5 Billion USD as of 2019. The founder of Bahria Town is a well known land mafia who has dozens of land-grab cases against him pending judgement. Yet, his status allows him to get anything done in Pakistan through law. Once, the court took 460 Billion PKR from him to solve Bahria Town’s land occupation case.

Even when the story about Uzma Khan being allegedly attacked by Malik Riaz’s daughter went viral speculations about a possible deals were already echoing on social media. Perhaps, it was easy for public to conclude the results from the previous record of such cases.

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