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Shaheen Shah Afridi’s Valentine Gift Makes Fans Curious

Pakistani pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi shared an Instagram story thanking a “beloved” who sent him a valentine gift on 14 February. The Boomerang post showed a bouquet of various flowers, with a love balloon and a “Happy Valentine’s Day” card. It also contained a cricket trophy on the side.

Social media users went head over heels after watching the post. They shared the post in their circles and wished someone did something like this for them as well. Afridi did not mention the sender’s name, and the mystery is baffling the folks. The post only had “Thank you my love” written on it, followed by a heart emoji.

Shaheen’s Valentine Gift is a Pleasent Surprise for Cricket Fans

Many were overjoyed after learning that Shaheen received a valentine gift from a loved one. They prayed for him and sent him best wishes for the future. Some also cracked jokes on how lucky Shaheen has been since he started playing for the international team in 2018. His side, Lahore Qalanders, recently defeated his soon-to-be father in law’s Quetta Gladiators, which was entertaining for the fans.

Achievements and Rewards

The valentine gift was also a stark reminder that the cricketer has earned a lot of love from Pakistanis. Viewers praised how Shaheen has won inside the cricket stadium and outside as well. Inside, he won the hearts of many cricket lovers and out, he won the heart of someone special. Some related their reaction with a popular meme based on Shaheen’s face that originated after Pakistan beat India in T20 World Cup 2021.

Speculations about the Sender

The first question that came to the viewers’ minds after seeing the valentine gift was about the sender. To many, it instantly became clear that it must be his fiance, Shahid Afridi’s daughter Aqsa Afridi. The country celebrated the couple’s engagement in 2021 and shared several images from the event on social media. However, some fans are also inclined towards shipping the bromance between Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf. Both cricketers are good friends and often clicked sharing intimate moments on the field. They also engage in friendly banter on social media that fans enjoy very much. It is not unusual if some think that it was Haris Rauf and not his fiance who sent the gift.

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