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Vanced YouTube Application Shuts Down amidst Threats from Google

The Vanced YouTube adblocker application is going to be discontinued in a few days as the official team of the app has announced. As per the platform, the shutting down of the app is an outcome of some legal issues and threats posed by Google to Vanced. The application used to be a beneficial way of watching YouTube videos without encountering and waiting for unwanted ads. The app is also popular for lack of premium features.

Why Vanced YouTube App Is Going Down?

The Vanced official team announced its plan to discontinue the app on social media. The post revealed that people will not be able to download the app after the platform takes down the links from websites. Also, it said that they are taking it down because it’s a necessary thing to do. The official post mentioned that it wasn’t something anyone wanted but an inevitable and essential action.

As per the statement from the Vanced YouTube app the imminent discontinuity is due to some legal reasons. One particular reason that can be considered as the major one is Google’s action against third-party applications with copyrights problems. As Vanced was also a third-party app to allow users ad-free video, the tech giant decided to put it to an end.

Can Users Still Use It?

So far, the users who haven’t uninstalled or keep using the app will be able to continue enjoying the services. However, they won’t be able to update it or see any future upgrades in the Vanced YouTube ad blocking application. Furthermore, the ones who can still download it before it vanishes from the websites can also use it for long enough.

Alternatives of the App

Apparently, Vanced YouTube ad blocking has been one of the most-used apps. It has been allowing users to enjoy streaming-like services as they could watch YouTube videos with paying premium subscription money. The interface includes a black theme and customizations like opening other apps on the phones while running the videos in the background. The YouTube users cannot do that since they are required to buy a premium subscription to the video site to enjoy certain limited features. Vanced, on the other hand, offered similar specs without asking for any payment. The revenue was entirely based on the number of downloads and viewership.

Now, that the app is going down for good, people might look for alternatives. Somehow, discontinuity benefits the tech giant Google because people can entertain themselves with Google Tv features by getting the Chromecast devices. Although, google tv or Chromecast are the gadgets used only by attaching them with LEDs or smart TVs but they seem like good alternatives to Vanced YouTube App. As for the android users who rely only on phones to watch videos, can get the NewPipe application that works almost the same as the one shutting down.

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