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5 Fashion Take-Aways from Victoria’s Secret 2017

Dazzling Victoria’s Secret (VS) 2017 fashion show was full of surprises like always. Along with gorgeous models, the celebrities like Miguel, Jane Zhang, Leslie Odom Jr. and Harry Styles graced the show. A common perception about fashion shows is that they only focus on glamour and glitter and fail to offer some genuine ideas. In case of extravagant events like Victoria’s Secret fashion show, it becomes difficult to guess what the brand is trying to sell. For example, wearing fairy like feathers doesn’t make sense in the daily life.

Exhibiting fashion is more like introducing an idea rather than just presenting a glittery sight to eyes.

Victoria’s Secret 2017 – Highlights

Let’s have a look at what was so unique that Victoria’s Secret 2017 fashion show had to offer.

Asian Models Walking on the Ramp for Victoria’s Secret 2017

It is a fact that motive behind choosing models from diverse backgrounds is an attempt to expand the target market. But, VS has brought something new this time. Critics have always pointed out that the brand lacks diversity and selects the top paid super models from limited locations. This year 7 out of 55 models that walked the ramp were from Asia. The number is not much encouraging, but we can see improvement in the years to come. Still, VS has shown that consumers from multi-ethnic backgrounds can use its products.

Victoria's secretAshley Graham’s Confident Endorsement

Ashley Graham’s walk on ramp indicated that VS also has something to offer for the plus size women. Stereotypes around the body types of the women also limit the product diversification for the brand. However, brands are gradually moving from being exclusive to more inclusive by adding those market segments which got neglected in the past. Ashley Graham’s modeling for VS will allow plus size women to confidently wear any attire of their choice.

Alessandra Ambrosia‘s Goodbye

The 36 year old Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosia said goodbye to Victoria’s Secret. She did her first runway show for the brand at the age of 17. Alessandra’s case is a proof that VS has to offer something for every age group. So, this fashion show is not all about allure and exoticism, as every woman can get a new fashion idea that appeals her interest.

Expensive Fantasy Bra

Lais Ribeiro, the Brazilian model, wore the sapphire studded 2.64 million dollars’ worth bra. It may seem that there was no point in showcasing a product that was going to be out of reach of an ordinary customer. Well, the motive behind showcasing such products is not to sell the wild stuff. It merely gives another fabulous idea to fantasy bra wearers. So, a typical woman can incorporate these dressing ideas into her clothing according to her affordability.

No Supermodels like Gigi Hadid

Supermodels and celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry along with some Russian models couldn’t make it to the show. Fans missed them, but the inclusion of Asian models must have made viewers look towards more relatable inspirations.

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