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What is Vidcon | When is Vidcon 2019 YouTube Convention

Vidcon is one of the biggest entertainment convention organized by Viacom in LA, California. The event was initially started by the owners of the YouTube channel Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green who in 2018 sold it to Viacom. With every passing year, the event is growing to allow more people and communities an opportunity to have a meet and greet. Let’s have a look at what Vidcon 2019 has to offer.

Vidcon 2019 Is Going To Be a Blast

Vidcon is a once in a year event that offers YouTubers, content writer and other internet celebrities  to come together under one roof and celebrate their achievements. It also offers them a chance to exchange ideas on how to further improve their work.

Besides all this, it provides fans a chance to meet their favorite YouTube celebs and give them their feedback. It is a multi-genera event that includes the performance of various YouTube celebrities.

Celebs who may be performing at vidcon 2019 include SMOSH and Vanessa Hill of Brain craft.

How to Get Into Vidcon 2019

Based on the system rolled out in 2015, attendees are offered three passes the community pass, the Creators pass, and the third is called the business pass. The community pass as its name suggests can be purchased by anyone and allows the attendees access to the first floor of the convention center where all the fun and games are.

The creator pass is reserved for individual or YouTubers who write and produce their own content. This pass allows them access to the first and the second floor of the convention center where various workshops on how to improve and get the maximum out of online media platforms are offered to them.

The third type is called the business pass, and it offers attendees access to all events occurring inside the center and is generally offered to people or industries who are looking to grow their business via the internet or YouTube.

According to new rules, a new pass called the chaperone pass has been introduced in vidcon 2019  and is for underage children who can attend the event as long as their supervised by a guardian or an adult. They are offered the same facilities like those of the community type pass.

Every vidcon has a list of featured YouTube creators who have access to all events. These featured Youtubers have access to all events and are even offered a chance to perform and host the show.

YouTube Convention In Other Parts Of The World

Over the years YouTube has grown substantially and housed some of the most dynamic talents in the world .Almost every country where  YouTube is available has its own vidcon or YouTube fan fest as It is called in some parts of the world.

The outline of the event that occurs in other countries is pretty much the same as that of the USA give or take a few things. Every country has adopted this event according to its culture. Take India, for example; it is one of the unique countries in the world as it has such a diverse culture. Every state has its own set of YouTube celebs who have massive fan following.

So whenever they host a fan fest, they hold it separately on different dates across the country to celebrate the achievements of their youtubers contrary to Europe and USA where these events are mostly centralized or held at one preselected point in the country. 

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