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Who Are The Terrorists Involved In The Vienna Attack?

According to the latest media reports, on November 2nd Monday evening, multiple unidentified armed men terrorized six locations in central Vienna. They had automatic weapons, as they opened fire in central Vienna. According to the police officials, they were unable to identify the individuals involved in the Vienna Attack.

Vienna Attack Casualties And Other Details

The attack took place in multiple areas. The motive behind the attack is yet unambiguous since the alleged terrorists are on the run and haven’t been caught by the police. As per the police’s statement, one of the gunmen was shot on spot as a result of the crossfire. However, the attackers while spreading violence, supposedly injured around 15 people, killed three locals, and a police official too.

As per the latest reports, the time of the attack was 8 pm when people were having quality time at restaurants and bars before the lockdown.

The suspects targeted locations including the Stadttempel Temple, which is also known as Seitenstettengasse Temple. The temple is Vienna’s main synagogue. Other than that, the offenders also hit the places including the areas with cafes and restaurants full of people.

the Police advised people to stay inside since at least one of the attackers was on the run after causing Vienna Attack.

Authorities And Personalities Offer Condolences

Scott Morrison, PM of Australia offered his condolences by saying that he is shocked by hearing about the terrible news regarding the Vienna attack. He also mentioned that he communicated with Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to convey his thoughts and condolences. Scott stated that they pray and support their Austrian friends.

Joe Biden, senator and Vice president of the United States of America shared his views and expressed his emotions regarding the Vienna attack. As per him, Jill and he are praying for the victims who were targeted by the attackers. He said that they should hold onto unity in order to protect themselves from hate and violence.

According to Florian Klenk, editor of Austrian news magazine Falter, Austria’s federal minister of interior Karl Nehammer presented his viewpoints in a press conference. He delivered a message to the terrorists that Vienna cannot be divided. He emphasized the unity of the nation against terrorism.

Indian PM also felt sadden and surprised due to the attack on Vienna. He said that India is with Austria in the time of need and he prays for the victims of the Vienna shooting.

French President Emmanuel Macron said that France shares the same sorrow, as it also under attack. Macron warned the attackers that don’t know who they are dealing with. He said that Europe will not kneel before terrorism.

Projection Of Anger Towards Islam

Certain entities are projecting their anger and hatred towards Islam. They are accusing the representatives of Islam of the terrorist attack on Vienna.

As per different views, allegedly, the label of terrorism on Muslims is an outcome of the spread of Islamophobia in France. Presumably, Europe is taking a swing against Islam and Muslims in the disguise of the Vienna Shooting. Since the police officials confirmed that they couldn’t identify the criminals, one cannot assume their actual identity.

According to the views of particular entities, Europe ignored the warnings, they victimized Muslims and neglected the actual threat. Unfortunately, the innocents paid the price. Europe will face far crucial situation one day when it will witness extremists and terrorists coming out of it. Europe has no idea what Islam is and what Muslims are and yet they blame them for causing and spreading terrorism.  

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