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People are blaming violent games for shooting incidents

In 2019 deaths related to shooting incidents have increased exponentially, forcing people to question what the possible causes are. According to popular opinion on social media violent games like GTA and metal gear solid are one of the root causes for the increase in gun violence.

Are Violent Games Really the Main Causes of Shooting Incidents

According to WHO, there has been a significant increase in gun violence on a global scale with the US leading the category. Since the beginning of 2019 news of shooting incidents have been popping up in the media in one form or another.

New Zealand a country that is revered for its peaceful atmosphere and welcoming nature was hit the hardest when a group of gunmen following white supremacy teaching opened fired on a Mosque in Christchurch. The place was occupied by Muslims who had gathered to offer the Friday prayer.

Following the incident, YouTuber pew di pie was accused of being responsible, but this claim turned out to be false. Many Americans in light of these growing shooting events have started campaigning for stronger gun control regulations.

Where some feel that weak gun control regulation are to blame for these shooting incidents, others think violent video games are responsible for influencing such incidents. Contrary to what these people believe the stats paint a different picture.

It Depends Upon Who Is Using the Weapon

It’s a very old saying that every weapon no matter how high tech it is, it will always have a fundamental flaw, and that is the user. Any weapon does that have the ability to think or compute, so its use is decided by the user and not the weapon itself. Therefore it is foolish to blame guns for such horrible incidents.

Seriously if you think people like this are responsible for killing other people than there’s fundamentally something wrong with you

Another Opinion On This Matter

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