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Viral Video of Dancing Woman Overshadows Myanmar Coup

A striking video of a dancing woman during the ominous coup in Myanmar has gone viral internationally. Most of the internet has forgotten about the shocking takeover of an entire country by its own military. They have been discussing less about the political impact and talking more about this highly sarcastic dance in the face of civil oppression. Apparently, this girl was teaching aerobics without realizing that there was an actual military takeover happening in the background. Armored vehicles can be seen behind her approaching parliament complex in Myanmar’s capital, Naypyitaw.

Myanmar army seized control of the country on Monday (1st February) and detained top officials of leading political party including the leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The coup and perfect synchronization of vehicles with the music has made this video very entertaining to watch.

Dancing Woman Goes Viral During Military Coup

Majority of the viewers enjoyed the video, which outdid the rising tensions in the country. The video looked like it largely mocked the military and its abrupt takeover of the country. Those who felt the same way sang and danced along with the video.

There were some funny comments as well. This Pakistani journalist used this classic Indian song to explain the situation.

This had put a lot of angry people in a light mood due to its blissful ignorance. Many people have used this video as an example to encourage determination among everyone during trying times. 

Significance Of The Background Music

As for the original music in the background, it is a famous Indonesian song called ‘Ampun Bang Jago’. In English it translates to something like “Forgive me, master” and the entire lyrics suggest that it is against the power that higher authorities abuse. Locals mostly take this song as a way to ridicule police or military for their unfair abuse of power. The country is internationally stained for its human rights abuse against Rohingya Muslim minority. So, this song playing during those exact circumstances came to be highly ironic and hilarious for many.

Some locals were very excited that Myanmar coup has at least made this song internationally famous. Few have called it the official anthem of this coup. According to reports, Electronic music artist Tian Storm and Hip-Hop artist Ever.SLKR have collaborated together for this this song. It is already being used in various TikTok videos and English Football Club West Ham has also used this song in their promotional video.

Who Is The Woman In Viral Video

There was also a wide spread concern about the identity of this dancing woman. She has put smile on faces and even inspired hope for many. People were curious in getting to know her so they can watch more of her dance videos. According to reports, her name is Khing Hnin Wai and she is a popular aerobics teacher in Myanmar, who also provides all sorts of physical education. Locals respect her immensely and follow her routine workouts on social media.

There were also few rumors that this video might be fake or a combination of two videos. The teacher herself posted on Facebook and crushed these rumors. She said that, she makes aerobic dance class videos at various locations and has been appearing outside parliament for nearly a year. She denied dancing to mock ridicule anyone and she was only dancing to win a fitness dance competition. She added that she had noticed the military convoy but did not bother as it was a normal occurrence in Myanmar.

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