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Hassan Ali Dance Video Goes Viral On Social Media

A video went viral on social media in which Pakistani Cricketer Hassan Ali was dancing to the beat of traditional drums. In May, it was reported that cricketer would be in prolonged rehabilitation and might require surgery due to back injury; the reason why Hassan Ali dance video received a polarizing reaction from the public.

Hassan Ali quickly achieved star status in Pakistani Cricket team due to his incredible pace and over the top celebration style. Cricket fans have nicknamed him “generator” (an alternative power source) because of that style.

Viral Video Of Hassan Ali Dance

As soon as Hassan Ali heard the beats of the drum, he started to bust some sick moves that baffled the audience in different ways. He set his body in such a motion that it synched perfectly with the musical instrument. That is what makes the dance performance entertaining and also a bit funny. However, some people have criticized Hassan Ali for dancing at all.

More videos of Hassan Ali dance are circling on social media:

Critical Reactions On Social Media

Ali has not been included in the team for the upcoming test series against England in July-August. The reason was his back injury which is clearly not visible in this dance performance. Cricket fans were hurt that he is going to sit this one out but some of them are angry because he looks more than happy to miss the test series.

They think he should focus on his game as this is unprofessional behaviour

Some even attacked him personally. He married an Indian girl which made Pakistanis very happy.

They probably dislike him personally and still trying to launch a moral attack against a target which is not even there

Now that’s just rude. So for Pakistanis, a person can’t have some fun after giving so many memorable performances like in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 when Pakistan beat India.

While some funny folks at least respected him as a player who tries the best he can to win wickets and games.

Funny Reactions By Cricket Fans

Hassan Ali has taken many Indian wickets and fans want him to celebrate like this after finally booking the whole indian team in a match

They want to have same level of energy as Hassan Ali

This generator is surely heavy duty

His fans think that he has so much talent that will fend for himself in any situation

Defending The Criticism

Australian Journalist Dennis Freedman criticized Pakistanis for running after Hassan Ali with pitchforks and torches. He also thought that the Hassan Ali dance video was a joyful sight. Earlier this year, a conman tried to game Dennis at Lahore airport.

Sri Lankan Head coach suggests Pakistan to protect Hassan Ali because his character is what makes him a kind of player that he is

Cricket fans think people are just going crazy and must be ignored because the dance videos are entertaining like most of his overs.

There is no point in criticizing Hassan Ali for his outstanding dance performances. It’s not necessary for stars to act according to public expectations. 

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