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This Indo-Pak Homosexual Couple Is Going Viral on Social Media

Indo-Pak love-stories do make news particularly in the case of celebrities. It is for the first time that a homosexual couple is going viral for their sizzling photoshoot. The pictures of Sundas Malik from Pakistan with Anjali Chakra from India are the talk of the town not only for how gorgeous they are but also for how they represent the breaking of so many barriers.

Some More Pictures of This Homosexual Couple from India and Pakistan

Digging a bit deeper into the Twitter and Instagram profiles of Anjali and Sundas reveals that they have been posting updates about their relationship from so long.

This is what Sundas shared on her Twitter account on the eve of Girlfriend Day.

In an Instagram post-Sundas shared her picture with Anjali where both can be seen wearing traditional Indian lehengas. In the caption she expressed her feelings by saying that after she got a little older and realized what her sexuality was, she never saw the representation of people who looked like her. She further opined that she was so glad to have to opportunity to be with the love of her life.

Here is the Instagram post where Sundas openly expressed what she was and what were her feelings towards Anjali.

What People Are Saying About Anjali and Sundas

Social media users have a mixed reaction about this Indo-Pak homosexual couple depending upon what they think about this phenomenon. The liberal ones are also surprised how their relationship shows the courage to break so many social taboos all at once. Their love transcends beyond the border, religion, caste, creed, nation, and gender.

The couple is married and August 1 marked their first wedding anniversary.

These encouraging comments were from those who supported LGBTQ rights. But many people in Indo-Pak don’t even believe if anything like homosexuality exists or they just don’t want to learn what does it mean to be a queer individual. Therefore it is not surprising that Sundas and Anjali received some very unwelcoming responses on their social media posts as well.

Like people think that the couple is not normal as they are suffering from some kind of disease and need to be treated.

Due to such a difference of opinion on this matter, it is hard to expect the people will hail such wedding as they welcome the prospects of celebrity weddings like they responded to the news of Hasan Ali marrying an Indian girl.

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