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This Maria B Meme Is Going More Viral Than Corona

Pakistani social media users are seeing their timelines flooded with Maria B meme as the designer is harshly being criticized for sending her corona positive cook back to the village. Maria who first made a video to play vicitim after her husband was arrested later made another video with her husband to tell the world how police misbehaved with them. And, it was the family who was at the recieving end.

But people didn’t really buy what they had to sell and instead started making memes out of it.

Since, the couple didn’t display a responsible behavior by sending their cook back to village and not putting him in quarantine instead, there seemed no end of criticism they faced. Apart from this they were slammed for using their elite privilige to not act according to the law. It was not only Maria who came under such scrutiny but also her expensive looking chandelier that made it to Twitter time lines.

This is how her playing a victim is being percieved as.

To many it seemed a perfect time to bash Lahori elite.

Viral Maria B Meme

It appears that social media is in no mood of letting go that Maria B expression she gave while throwing tantrums about her family’s experience with the police. The situation is in fact perfectly getting memefied.

Here is a glimpse of how woke Twitteratie is playing with it.

This elite bashing of couple has no end.

Maria B meme is the perfect reaction to describe what being in stress looks like.

For how many situations this is going to fit perfectly.

One thing is clear that no one has taken the couple serious so far.

A Perfect Representation of When Pakistan’s Elite Is in Distress?

Or this Maria B meme is just a replacement of that angry cricket fan meme.

This priceless reaction is so universal.

Maria B meme shows how it is really relatable to so many folks out there.

Someone is explianing a religo-political dilemma as well.

So this is what the reaction was probably all about.

One can say that Maria B meme has actually provided folks who are staying at home with an opportunity to be creative.

Explaining some health related issues with this reaction…

Finally someone is using Maria B meme to bash those who are actually elite bashing her.

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