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Man Kills Son and Daughter in Law for Private Video Going Viral

A man shot his own son along with his betrothed to death after their private video went viral on social media. The very thing that lead the man towards killing his own blood was honor. So-called father heard about the video from someone and took the matter in his own hands. 

Private Video Going Viral Becomes Cause of Honor Killing

The false sense of integrity clouded the judgment of the man in the KP province of Pakistan. The stereotypical standards of honor and morality blinded his love towards his own flesh and blood. The actual shocking segment of this news was; he came to know about this alleged sin of making a private video from a third person. This person broke the disturbing news like a bomb on the man. He probably did not think it through; he confronted the couple and shot them dead. 

The doomed family belonged Naway Kalay village of the Daggar area; whereas, the murder took place at the District Buner, Malakand Division of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. 

Girl’s mother filed case against the accused

According to media reports, the mother of the deceased girl lodged FIR against the accused. An interesting yet disturbing information added by the mother was that; the whole family included the brothers of murdered boy were involved in homicidal act. 

The police stated that the reason for the murder was the leaked and viral private video. The couple created the video supposedly for their memories or whatsoever. However, it somehow went public on social media and became the cause of victims’ demise. 

The Misconception about Honor: 

Those who find honor as a sacred element might need to reconsider their definition or honor and integrity; because, honor killing does not justify one’s actions based on his/her false judgment.  Many who would come to know about this incident might raise a question: who is to blame? 

The couple? That was going through hardships because of their viral private video, because it is hard to believe that someone can leak their own video on purpose. The father? That acted upon a piece of information provided by the so-called representatives of the society. The real question is why do certain individuals take matters in their own hands and why do they become the authority and declare punishment as an outcome of their judgments. 

Another astonishing factor that must be highlighted is that: the knowledge of such a video was provided to him in a mosque after the night prayer. Is a mosque really a place to discuss such matters? Are people that mature as far as their morality, honor, and respect are concerned? The entities, who talk about chastity, respect, reputation in society, and associate these phenomena with their religion: what do they try to accomplish when they commit actions even dreadful than of those who are being accused. They presumably justify it under the name of honor: and in similar cases like this, it takes the form of honor Killing.

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