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Viral Trump Meme Shows His Denial to Concede US Election 2020 Result

President Donald Trump is still refusing to accept his unavoidable loss at the Elections, which can be witnessed in the form of viral Trump meme. Joe Biden will be focusing on launching a plan against COVID-19 today (9th November), which is spreading uncontrollably in the US. According to reports, by the time he takes up the presidency (January 2021), coronavirus would already wreak havoc in a lot of communities in the US.

Whereas, Donald Trump has been gloating about curbing the spread of coronavirus. This is a major reason why people memefiy him in the first place. His ability to mislead republicans about his performance was very problematic for a ‘world leader’. A recently viral meme showed him as a stubborn man-child refusing to accept his fair and square defeat. Well, this is not the only meme, there are so many out there that make fun of the US President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept his defeat in Elections 2020.

This Trump Meme Went Viral On The Internet

The meme was going in circles even before the results were finalized. It probably surfaced after his pre-loss meltdown on twitter which people enjoyed very much. A lot of them predicted correctly that Trump would not easily leave his position

Trump administration has started to work more aggressively on holding rallies to push the narrative of ‘fake elections’. Reportedly, the efforts seem more difficult that the part ever did to handle coronavirus that killed more than 238,000 Americans.

Shocking Truths About The Lies of Donald Trump

Ever since the day of election, Trump has been tweeting about election discrepancies that might have lead to Joe Biden’s win but the social media app finally had it enough. It started to flag his tweets which did not stop him from posting.

He was desperately trying to cling on to his presidency somehow.

He alleged that someone sent the mail-in ballots to those who did not ask for it. He also alleged that bad things were happening in the counting rooms which is why observers were not allowed in there. As it can be seen, Twitter has marked the post as misleading; this is the exact situation that this viral Trump meme equating the President’s behavior with a stubborn child has tried to demonstrate.

In order to prove he was saying the truth, he quoted a British pollster who wrote an opinionated piece on the polling system of these elections. Reportedly, the pollster named Patrick Basham is accused of holding a fake PhD .

Trump continued saying that he will not back down and fight against this voter fraud. He alleged that there were tens of thousands of illegal ballots against him. His administration could not provide any evidence against this claim.

On the other hand, there was very a strange thing going on with mail-in ballots; which Trump gave to his supporters in order to prevent rigging. Reportedly, there were about 100 votes which came from dead people. 15 of the voters have been verified as confirmed dead. More shockingly, 6 people registered after they were dead.

Lawsuit To Recount And Stop Counting Votes In Multiple States

The Trump campaign has filed at least a dozen lawsuits in multiple states in which Biden won.


Biden won 49.8% votes while republican Trump froze out at 49.1%. Trump’s administration and the Republican National Committee filed a series of litigations in this state. His request to stop counting ballots was obviously rejected but his second request to observe the counting process was approved. 

Judge favored his campaign to observe the counting process from 6-foot distance. Trump administration submitted that appeal to Supreme Court, which is still pending.

Next, they requested to compel the state in showing proof of identification if it was missing on their initial ballot. This litigation is currently underway, the judge ordered to segregate initial ballots from incomplete mail-in ballots.

The case filers also requested to stop the counting of mail-in ballots in Montgomery County. Biden’s poll was receiving heavy traffic from this county. Republicans alleged that the election board was counting 600 ballots that were not placed in secrecy envelopes, therefore violating the requirements. The court’s response is still pending.

Another litigation is ongoing which could grant Republicans permission to segregate any ballots that arrived after the day of election.


Republicans filed two cases in the state where Biden gained 50.2% vote but the court rejected both. In one instance, a woman alleged that someone casted a vote in her name before her. Trump’s campaign presented her claims in a press conference, without evidence. The lawsuit argued that there have been 3000 voters who faced the same fate as the accuser because of ineffective ballot system at Clark County.

The second case asked for permission to allow close public observation at Clark County ballot center. After denying, the Supreme Court reportedly reached a settlement with the Republican Party, which increased the access of observation and made all counting tables visible to the public. It was important because the public has been extremely vocal about how long Nevada took to count votes.


Biden received 50.6% vote and while he was on his way, Trump’s administration continuously filed lawsuits to stop the ballot count. The state court denied their every lawsuit on the basis of no evidence. 

Trump’s administration requested to stop the count of ballots which were not yet received because they were not allowed to observe the process.

Reportedly, one case was not filed by Trump administration but a group called Election Integrity Fund. They plead to not post-election results from Detroit, which was a Democrat hub and largest city in Michigan.


Joe Biden collected 49.5% vote from Georgia, where Republicans sued the state to disqualify 53 ballots. The party alleged that a poll watcher saw a stack of ballots that arrived late after 7PM were thrown in with the others. The court concluded that Republicans had no evidence and state officials testified that all ballots arrived on time.


Biden won the state with 49.5% of the vote. Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee have been suing the state, alleging that ballots are being rejected because they contain stray marks, bleeds, and splotches. Election official denied the claim which was similar to the one which said using Sharpie marker will invalidate your vote. Apparently, it was also a hoax created by Trump’s supporters because state officials had no problem in understanding the public votes.

Voters represented by conservative legal fund also filed the case with same accusations. Later they dropped it without disclosing reason.

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