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12 Dead After a Gunman Opened Fire at Virginia Beach

Twelve people lost their lives after a gunman opened fire on the second floor of a Virginia Beach building owned by the government .The gunman lost his life due to the gunshot wounds he sustained during a heated exchange with the police ending the horrible ordeal.

The incident took place in a government building located in Virginia Beach

At around noon on Friday gunman later identified as DeWayne Craddock opened fire on the second floor of the Virginia Beach municipal that housed multiple departments including the operations department.

A victim, while told media that she was working when suddenly people started shouting shooter get down and heard strange sounds. All the employees ran into rooms and locked the doors; some even barricaded the doors to protect ourselves.

“We were so afraid, and I was praying for the horrible ordeal to come to an end so I could go back to my baby and just hold him in my arms”, she added. According to the police, the victims were found on all floors, many of whom were scared to move even after the ordeal had come to an end.

Why Gunman Shot People at Virginia Beach?

The reason behind why Craddock did this is not exactly known, but according to media reports, this was his way of venting anger at his dismissal from the municipal office. DeWayne Craddock was an engineer by profession and had been working there for several years.

He had worked on multiple projects and worked as a point of contact for the media regarding developmental road works. On Friday he entered the second-floor premises of the building and opened fire. The .45-caliber he used had an extended magazine and a silencer to get maximum number of kills, hence maximize the carnage.

The authorities later recovered the handgun. Upon investigation, the authorities concluded that the gun and its extensions had been purchased legally from a local store just a few weeks earlier.

The Gunman Will be Referred to as the Suspect

The chief of police James Cervera for Virginia Beach PD while talking to the media expressed his sorrow and said he was relieved that the long grunt battle with the four officers was finally over. He further said out of respect for the victim’s and their family the gunman will now be referred to as the suspect.

The police so far have failed to identify any of the 12 dead victim’s and has continued its search.

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