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Is Vivo X60 Pro Beating the Brands With its Cutting Edge Features?

Vivo, a Chinese smartphone company has stepped into a higher level of innovation with its new creation. Its latest phone, Vivo x60 pro is the cell with certain impressive specifications that outmatch several other branded phones. Despite the abilities and specs, the phone has a huge price range which raises the question of whether it will be able to compete with the tech giants in the industry or not.

Is Vivo X60 Pro a Better Option Than Branded Smartphones?

The latest invention, the Vivo x60 pro holds a diverse range of features that make it a marvel in the industry.  Nonetheless, there is also a wide range of phones which are believed to be the most efficient and innovative. For instance, the apple phones and Samsung’s Galaxy series are the ones with certain specs that make the smartphones worth buying. Also, people with resources are fond of buying the already popular brands instead of recently introduced ones.

Other than that, the price of x60 pro is quite high given its emerging name in the market. Users, often prefer the smartphones like Vivo due to its mediocre and affordable pricing. However, Rs 129,999 for the current model might be a shocker for many. Besides, the android lovers or iPhone users may wonder that with the same amount of money, they can get a branded and a more popular smartphone instead of Vivo.  

Is the Phone an Overpriced Model?  

Like many expensive cellphones in the market, the Vivo x60 pro price also comprises a 6-digit figure. The phone is considered to provide user-desired abilities and features. The newest model promises to define smartphone photography, as the company claims. It is co-engineered by ZEISS, a company that deals in camera lenses.

keeping in view the special features of the recently manufactured futuristic phone, the price structure seems reasonable for those who can afford it. Those, who require midrange smartphones, can look for other Vivo models instead of x60 pro.

What are The Optimum Features?

The Chinese company has produced multiple smartphones with some of the finest features that have proven to be better than most expensive smartphones. For instance, Vivo v20 was the previous model with some impressive and advanced specifications. Now, the new Vivo x60 pro has certain optimum features that define why the phone is much-hyped.

The octa-core processor and GPU Adreno 650 with Qualcomm SM8250-AC Snapdragon 870 5G (7 nm) chipset, gives the phone a performance boost. The 12 GB ram supports and helps the phone run its programs and applications smoothly by enhancing its speed. Also, X60 pro has a massive storage space of 256 GB.

The three main cameras on the back serve differently. The cam-features consist of 48Mp, 13Mp with 2x optical zoom, and 13Mp covers ultrawide angles. The camera also provides a 4k video-making feature and pixel shifting. The 32Mp selfie camera takes high-resolution pictures along with 1080p at 30fps (frames per second) video making.

Lastly, its 33 watts fast-charging ability and a non-removable 4200 MAH battery make it a stable smartphone in terms of long-term phone usage.

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