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Vladimir Putin Reveals The Culprits Behind the Death Of Former Russian Spy

Vladimir Putin while talking in the media conference has denied the allegations which the UK has made over the Murder of former Russian spy and his daughter. In fact, Vladimir Putin revealed the important information that those who poisoned both the spy and his daughter were ‘Civilians’. Further, the Russian president seemed very furious with all the accusation by the UK. He even called this all propaganda “Rubbish and Pointless’.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Claim

Trump is not the only controversial president any state could have, Vladimir’s story is also very complex and complicated. He was the Russian spy who became the president of the state one fine day! Vladimir Putin has claimed that Sergei Skripal and his daughter was poisoned by the UK citizens and they were not at all terrorists.

Peace Or War?

Now here a point which Vladamir is confronting is that there is no Russian planning against the UK. But he at the same is targeting the common citizens of UK, declaring this act the trap of UK against Russia. Before this Russia and the UK have been striving against each other regarding many issues. A man and woman named Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley also suffered extreme torture with the same poison which was given to Sergei Skripal and his daughter. When the UK demanded an answer, Russia like ever did not give any clear response.

Issues Regarding the Diplomats

Both the countries are in the state of cold war. Here the alarming situation is that these both powers are not at all in the state of compromising with each other. In fact, they want to start a war so that they can defeat each other. This all scenario is getting more difficult day by day. Showing corporation with the UK, its allies including the United States, EU countries, and Australia started expelling the Russian diplomats. This is making the situation more crucial every passing day. The issue between these two most powerful opponents of the globe has spread a wave of tension.

After the controversial statements of Vladimir Putin, everyone is looking forward to the names of those both men a.k.a civilians to be revealed by Russia. Moreover, what will be the UK’s strategy after this statement by President Vladimir Putin? The investigation is still under process and UK won’t let this matter go so smooth now! Well, we hope that the world remains in the state of peace and issues are resolved between both countries!

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