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Vogue Under Fire for Featuring Saudi Princess Behind Wheel

June edition of Vogue Arabia that features the Saudi Princess behind wheel on its cover has called harsh criticism from women rights activists. Vogue tried to show that women would be finally able to drive in Saudi Arabia by the end of June but ended up facing criticism for featuring the wrong person.

Social media users and activists slammed the Vogue for not representing the women who struggled for the women’s rights and who ended up in jail for the crime of advocating the women’s right for driving, rather exhibiting a privileged princess.

The kingdom has allowed the women to drive but it has also arrested those activists who struggled to get this right recognized. The cover featuring the Saudi Princess in a driving seat somewhat exposed the hypocrisy of the government.

Vogue’s Cover of Saudi Princess Behind Wheel

Vogue Araba’s cover of June featured Hayfa bint Abdullah Al- Saud. wearing an off-white gown and white high heels, while sitting in a red car and holding the steering wheel with her hands wrapped in black leather gloves.

The official Twitter account of Vogue Arabia that shared the picture of Saudi Princess behind wheel said, “this June the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is putting women in the driving seat- and so are we”.

The June issue of Vogue is aimed at lauding trailblazing women of Saudi Arabia and praising the Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman who is looking to modernize the Kingdom by loosening the social restrictions.

Criticism on Vogue Arabia

The cover became a subject of harsh criticism because it featured a Saudi princess behind the wheel and not those women who ended up in prison for advocating the Saudi Women’s right for driving. Here is what Twitter users and women rights activists had to say.

Users Asking to Amend the Issue

And, this user asked to amend the issue because the women who struggled for the rights were facing the treason charges and were in jail.

This man shared a photoshoped version of Vogue Arabia where an activist replaced the Saudi Princess behind wheel. But he lamented that how this could be possible when the real activist was in jail?

The act was considered offensive

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