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Vogue India Gets Slammed for Featuring SRK’s Daughter

Bollywood often remains under fire for promoting nepotism, but this time it is the Vogue India’s turn to face backlash for featuring a star kid who has no other credits than being the daughter of Shahrukh Khan.

Vogue India Faces Criticism

The latest cover of Vogue India featured Suhana Khan, the daughter of Bollywood’s King Shahrukh Khan and famous interior designer Gauri Khan. But Twitterati thinks that featuring Suhana on a magazine like Vogue’s cover is not justified at all, as the girl is not an actor, model or someone who made a meaningful accomplishment in the field.

Earlier it was Shahrukh Khan faced criticism as his cousin contested in Pakistan elections and now it is his daughter.

Here is how social media users bashed Vogue for its cover.

An Expression of Nepotism by Fashion Magazine

Suhana is not even a celebrity

And, they are asking why?

Don’t spew hate. How will she cope with it?

Did She Imitate Jhanvi Kapoor?

And Twitterati was saying that Jhanvi Kapoor had at least one film to her credit before she made it to Vogue. But, 18 years old Suhana Khan reached there only for being the daughter of Shahrukh Khan.

In her interview with the Magazine, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter talked about how it felt like being a star kid, her life in England away from the family and on making the Bollywood debut. Being a star kid Suahana might have deserved an interview with Vogue India, but critics think it is not enough qualification for securing to the cover.

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