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Voice Search and the Future It Holds for Us

So, how voice search is becoming the next big thing in internet marketing? It is fast and convenient, eliminating the need for you to type your search query. There have been problems in the past with the voice recognition software not fully understanding us. The new upgrades to Cortana and Siri suggest a lot of improvement in the reliability of voice search.

Google’s Influence on Voice Search

Google, the company with the most significant market, stays ahead of everyone else. The introduction of Google Assistant is one indication of company’s seriousness in the new way of searching online.

How Is It Difference from Textual Search?

The entire philosophy behind the evolution of voice search is convenience. The search engines will have to do a great job in understanding even shorter sentences. For example, instead of typing in “temperature in New York now,” you may choose to say, “weather New York.” Thus, the search engines will have to work harder even to understand shorter queries replacing the more extended textual questions.

Why Voice Search Has Such a Bright Future?

Besides everything else, the change in technology, with the high processing ability of the modern smartphones, voice has a bright future in search. Google has cleared it that it wants the users to find things via voice using their smart devices efficiently. It does include not only the smartphones but also the home intelligent devices for finding things online.  Industry experts believe the use of the new type of search will enable tech giants like Amazon and Google to incorporate their current software.

The Users of Voice Search

The young generation, as the market experts point out, primarily uses the voice search. Interestingly, more of the younger people in China are relying on it for searching online. The experts reveal that since many of the Chinese phrases are difficult to type than to speak, the users find this way of searching for information more convenient.

Voice Search and the Future It Holds for UsThere are some issues with reliability. Still, Baidu sees a decent growth in voice searches. However, Google is also working on increasing the authenticity of this type of search. Search engine experts suggest that reliability is a significant factor in making searching by speaking more frequent. They believe the increase in reliability will make searching by talking more frequent.

So What Methods Users Use to Find Info Now?

These are the four methods through which users typically find information online.

  • They use a mobile browser to find information online.
  • The users use a mobile application by a search engine to find information.
  • They also rely on voice for finding information.
  • Sometimes, the users can type a search query into a built-in page.
  • Some people also ask their friends through text or messaging to get information.  
  • They may also choose to find information in a website’s search instead of writing the query on a search engine. For example, we may sometimes type a product directly into Amazon to find it instead of typing it on Google first.
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