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Most Wanted Lyari Gang War Commander Killed

Baba Ladla, one of the most wanted Lyari Gang War Commanders was killed in a shootout earlier on Thursday in Karachi’s Lyari neighborhood.

Alongside Baba, two of his associates – Mohammad Yaseen alias Mama and Sikdander alias Sikko also got killed during the shootout.

Details of the Shootout on Baba Ladla

According to the details shared by Rangers, a tip-off about the presence of Ladla prompted the law enforcement agency to start the operation in the Phool Patti Lane area. The gangsters, upon seeing the Rangers, opened indiscriminate fire and threw hand grenades at the paramilitary personnel.

The exchange of fire took place for 35 minutes after which Baba Ladla and his accomplices were killed. Rangers recovered a 9mm mouser, a 9mm pistol, and a hand grenade.

The Ranger’s PR said,

“The killing of Baba Ladla group is a lesson for all those youngsters, who are inspired by leaders like Baba Ladla and are backing or linked to crimes, that they cannot escape the grasp of law.”

Crimes in which Baba Ladla was Involved

Details of the Shootout on Baba LadlaBaba Ladla was said to have been involved in many crimes against the State of Pakistan. Some of the most heinous crimes committed by him included.

  • The kidnapping of three people in March 2013 and later killing one of them after torture.
  • Murder of five people which included a Damlia Resident and his sons.
  • The killing of Lyari gang war leaders like Yasir Arafat, Arshad Pappu, and Shera Pathan. He was also said to have desecrated and burned the bodies of these victims. A crime he committed in collaboration with Uzair Baloch.
  • The attack on the police party in April 2012, murder of a head constable and a constable.

The associates of Baba Ladla who got killed alongside him were also involved in many crimes. This is not the first time Sindh police has reported killing of this notorious criminal. In the past also there have been many reports of him being killed but all of these reports were later found to be untrue. One example of such reports was when in August 2015 it was reported that Baba Ladla got killed while trying to illegally cross into Iran.

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