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So Waqar Zaka Insults Reham Khan to Exploit PTI Fanbase for Views

In a recent edition of the headphone show by Waqar Zaka, journalist and ex-wife of PM Imran Khan, Reham Khan was invited. A very unpleasant conversation took place between both controversial figures. Zaka has been hosting a late night show on YouTube in which he talks to various public figures via headphones.

This content is strongly criticised by many people for its distasteful humour and lewd conversations. Zaka is a media veteran and he can easily promote his show with a little support from people. He engages himself in the controversial subjects that increase his digital following. 

Waqar Zaka Using Controversy To Increase Views

Waqar Zaka is fully aware that people like outrageous entertainment especially. Quite fortunately, his efforts were rightfully condemned by some people. In the show, he brought up arguments from an already controversial book of Reham Khan that brought her a lot of criticism in the past.

He tried to expose Reham Khan but he ended up exposing his intentions for using PTI trolls to promote his show on social media. Since he was defacing an author for writing a controversial book, which people enjoyed as well, it was inevitable for people to not talk about this show.

His intent to exploit a subject controversial enough to run his show on auto-promotion was immediately called out as the anchor was not so credible himself to give such lectures.

Social Media Criticizing Waqar Zaka

Upon hearing the religious discussions from the likes of Waqar Zaka, many people felt nauseated. One user shared his leaked pictures to remind him and everyone that the way he celebrates on international trips is also not allowed in this religion.

Reham Khan’s Response To The Comments By Zaka

Reham Khan maintains that Waqar Zaka doctored this video to add the remarks later. She added if he actually said that to her face, she would have responded rather differently. 

Zaka also replies with another invitation to a late night headphones show so he can carry on his political agenda and win the hearts of PTI trolls who know the art of trending a topic on social media s well.

Zaka regularly invites famous and controversial people like Hareem Shah and Zameer Naqvi to gain further popularity. One user shared a meme to describe what Zaka did with Reham Khan. He normally invites his guests in the name of entertainment and then asks them silly and deeply personal questions.

Another user amplified the reaction of Reham Khan who was probably a bit vague in her response.

How Easy It Is to Become Famous through Controversial Stuff

The bottom line is that it is pretty easy to get famous by doing something controversial. Anyone even if he or she is not an artist just has to present what the people are craving for then they will blindly follow him anywhere.

People might need to think twice on whether they want these kinds of shows to carry on that have nothing good to offer. Such stuff may succeed in providing a temporary entertainment but it is equally misleading and distracting from the real issues. 

Complete Headphone Show By Waqar Zaka

Here is the full episode of Waqar Zaka pushing Reham Khan to apologize for writing the book:

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