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Watch Dogs Legion Is Out with Unexpected Gadgets and New Identities

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest game developed by Ubisoft Toronto. It is the 3rd part of the Watch Dogs series. Most importantly, gamers who are familiar with watch dogs 2, are going to be excited, as legion is its sequel. This means that the group of hackers is back with a giant mission in London, UK. New features, graphics, updates, and of course high-end hacking are going to make gamers drool.

What Is So Special About Watch Dogs Legion

Watch dogs series started in 2014 with its first part. The game was a hit due to its unique content that included hacking on a wider level. Moreover, the fictional venues based on real places became a charm for the gamers. In 2016, The second part introduced a good number of features and players in the game. Since the game was termed as an open world, it allowed players to do almost anything in the game. They could drive cars, hack the signals, and perform tasks with the help of their technologically advanced gadgets.

Now, Legions is the latest part in which hackers are not limited. It means that there are going to be millions of entities united to save their city. This addition is the attention grasping factor in the game. The players can become anyone anywhere they want in the game. The game is allowing gamers to show their gaming skills to the fullest by using their tactics to complete exciting missions.

Today, gamers look for difficult games to test their abilities in the gaming world: Presumably, Watch dogs legion is willing to provide its lovers with the difficulty they desire. The game is full of adventures since it involves gangs, military, corrupt organizations, and a group of hackers. There is going to be cyber wars, gunfights, combats, etc. Supposedly, Ubisoft is unleashing all the advanced features of the game.

For almost every player, a game must be based on a storyline instead of just missions and stages. Watch dogs 3 is all about an epic plot, which revolves around battles and cyberwars between duplicity of opposing entities and groups. The hackers are coming forth to take back their city from terrorists, gangs, and crooked organizations. The antagonists including a mysterious entity called Zero-day rock the city caused terror attacks on the city, which led the hackers to take a stand against the enigmatic power.

Legion reveals the strong connection of Assassin’s Creed with the Watch Dogs series

The gamers who are familiar with both the games might have the knowledge of first watch dogs and Assassin’s creed’s crossover. As the first watch dogs was based in Chicago, Black flag character Oliver Garneau happened to be in Chicago when the watch dogs’s main character killed him. Then, in Assassin’s creed origins, an email was revealed that disclosed a CCTV picture of Aiden Pierce shooting Oliver on the Highway.

The crossover depicted that Aiden might be involved with the brotherhood from Assassin’s creed. Consequently, the group of hackers supposedly and secretively be merged with the brotherhood. Who knows, Watch dogs might show the actual relationship between the DEDSEC and brotherhood.

Gamers Seem Excited and Eager to Play Watch Dogs Legion

There are so many games like GTA (Grand Theft Auto), days gone, Far cry, etc. But no game has the features involving hacking and millions of players. Similarly, not every game gives a chance to become anyone in the game. Watch dogs legion has the capability to provide a platform to gamers where they can enjoy hacking, cars, jumping into different characters and many more new features.

Gamers have always been fond of some action in an open world setting where they can show their gaming skill set. The new watch dogs 3 has given them a chance to deal with the enemies, as some players think of the game as a subject of nemesis. They can’t wait to encounter the missions and enjoy the game.

Some game lovers are finally getting their hands on the new version of watch dogs series along with several others games. They waited long enough for the game to arrive and now finally, they can play it.

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