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We Don’t Like You Trump – Mexicans

In a bid to show their dismay towards the US President and his anti-Mexican policies, thousands of Mexicans marched streets on Sunday. The Mexicans anti Trump protests were angry over the US President’s demand for building a wall on the Mexican border. The US President has also put forth the demand that Mexicans must pay for the wall.

One of the banners read “Mexico must be respected.” The protesters were holding the colorful Mexican flags, escorted by thousands of police officers.

One of the Biggest Anti Trump Protests

Protest Against TrumpMexicans arranged a large anti Trump protest. The protestors asked some 20 Mexican cities to join the protest. Numerous educational institutes, civic organizations, and business associations acceded to the protest.

Trump’s Anti-Mexico Campaign

Trump’s election agenda revolved around Mexico. Trump promised to build a wall for stopping Mexicans from illegally crossing into the US. Many Political Analysts believed that Trump successfully sold fear to win his election campaign, something most Americans do not understand. Ever since Donald Trump became President of the United States, US-Mexico relations plunged to their lowest. Mexican President Calls Off summit with Trump.

It is not just the border wall offending the Mexicans. Donald Trump also called them “rapists” and “criminals.”

Donald TrumpTrump wants to go all out against Mexico in whatever manner possible. He threatened Mexico to cut trade relations with the US. He also blamed the Mexicans for taking the jobs of Americans.

Trump’s outbursts against Mexico have always impacted the peso. Whenever the US President threatened to renegotiate the NAFTA agreement, it badly impacted the peso. He openly expressed his dismay over car manufacturers and other businesses manufacturing in Mexico.

The US-Mexico trade relations deeply impact the Mexican economy. Mexico sends 80 percent of its exports to the United States, estimated to be worth around $300 billion in 2015.

Many in Mexico have already started opposing US companies operating there including Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and McDonald. They are running a boycott campaign not to buy products from American companies. Some Mexicans have started displaying their national flag on their Facebook profile.

All this anti-Mexican rhetoric by Donald Trump has not gone well with the politicians. The Mexican President canceled a planned summit with the US President Donald Trump to protest against Trump’s anti-Mexican policies.

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