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What Atif Aslam Thinks of His Role in Sang E Mah?

The globally known singer, Atif Aslam has talked about his experience in Sang e Mah, the recently released Pakistani drama. He revealed how he felt while performing the role of Hilmand. He appeared on the screen for acting once again after the movie Bol. Atif’s role in the drama was poetic as well as a bit dark to be cohesive with the plot of the show.  The artist himself confessed how the acting career had become an addictive thing for him.

Sang e Mah seems to have touched many hearts since the story is depicting social and cultural issues. The cast including Nouman Ijaz, Zaviyar Noman Ijaz, Omair Rana, Atif Aslam, Hania Amir, and Kubra Khan is believed to be the perfect individuals for the screenplay as they depict greatness in their roles. Also, the fan following of the leading stars has been affecting the ratings of the show too.  

What is Sang e Mah All About?

Director of Sang e Mah, Saife Hasan explained the meaning of the title which refers to the moonstone. The drama is a sequel to the popular 2016 show, Sang e Mar Mar. The HUM Tv series is about Pakhtuns living in northern areas of Pakistan, mostly Azad Kashmir. It portrays their traditions, hardships, and living standards. The plot of the show revolves around how often ego becomes so important that people even sacrifice their love, relationships, and lives. Also, the story is a mixture of multiple genres including humour, suspense, romance, revenge, and emotions.

Atif’s Dedication and Remarks about his Character and Show

Atif Aslam has gained a massive reputation in the music industries of Pakistan and India. However, putting aside the artistic side of Aslam, the public has realized how profoundly he pursued his acting career and done the job remarkably. In response to a QA session with journalists, Atif talked about his character and the show. He was asked about his previous project Bol. Upon which he responded that he wouldn’t call that acting and there was a lot of editing too. However, Hilmand is a different character with a dervish (Persian word derived from DARWAISH) nature. He is a person who lives by righteous and religious rules. He is an organized man with a zero-tolerance for unethical and immoral acts. He revealed that people were thinking of him as an antagonist and he liked the way they thought. But he would rather wait for fans to see how the story unfolds and the villain showcases his true colours.

Atif talked about his time while shooting for Sang e Mah. He mentioned that the crew had to shoot for 12 days in Islamabad and 77 days in different villages around Sumn and Bughadh Mang in Azad Kashmir. For him, the script was easy due to his role’s demand. He said, being a singer and lyrics writer, It was convenient for him to talk poetically. He said it felt like the right script he had been waiting for all these years.

The Artist was Not Ready for the Role

Atif also reportedly mentioned that he wasn’t ready for something like Sang e Mah. It was a challenge that he had to accept. It made him anxious too. The whole scenario made him how he would do while shooting. He thought about the crew, directors, celebrities on the set, and his shift of the field. Other than all the worries, he didn’t find it hard to play Hilmand due to the coworkers, who made him comfortable. He praised Nouman Ijaz and mentioned hearing about him being a tough actor to work with. However, he seemed to find him extremely good as he helped Atif and appreciated his acting skills.

Apart from being loved for his art, the singer remains in the news for his apparently bold steps as well. Recently Atif Aslam stopped the concert to prevent harassment of the women in the audience. His act garnered him huge appreciation from the fans.

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