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Here Is What Celebrities Are Doing During Qurantine

Many countries including Pakistan have gone into lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown might seem like unofficial vacations. Further sitting at home idle is also  getting unbearable. Well, these are not only commoners who have been confined to their home abode but celebrities from showbiz and sports are also passing through the same ordeal. Good thing is  people can look for the ideas on what to do by seeing what celebrities are doing during quarantine.

Most of the Pakistani celebrities have been active on social media and are utilizing  social media platforms to ask fans to be a responsible citizen and adopt coronavirus preventive measures.

Celebrities are taking time from their fast life and sharing what they are doing in quarantine. They are uploading pictures and videos on social media platforms about being productive and doing fun filled activities during lockdown to motivate their fans. 

If celebrities can be active and productive in this lockdown time why can’t their followrs

What Celebrities Are Doing during Quarantine to kill Time?

Here’s what your favorite Pakistani stars are doing during self-quarantine:

Saba Faisal Cooks during Quarantine

Saba Faisal shared the video of cooking for her family on her Instagram account with a caption that this is Saba Faisal in REAL life.

Mansha Pasha’s Hand Washing Challenge

Mansha Pasha was challenged by her friend for washing hands for about 20 seconds. She shared the video of hand washing with Nazia Hassan’s song in background while singing and dancing.

Uroosa Bilal shared Cute Video of Husband and Kids

Uroosa Bilal shared the video of her husband and son washing dishes to kill the time with a caption my super heroes.

Afifa Jibran Shared Awareness Message

A look at what celebrities are doing during quarantine reveals that most of them are actually trying to spread awareness regarding coronavirus through their videos. Just like Afifa Jibran who shared the video of her three kids playing in balcony of their apartment. Kids spread the awareness about washing hands and staying at home.

Ayeza Khan Posted Video of Her Cute Daughter

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor make sure to keep their fans updated about what they are doing at home. Ayeza Khan posted the video of her daughter washing hands on Instagram.

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir both posted the picture of their family wearing masks with a caption of necessary precautions aimed coronavirus pandemic.

Iqra Aziz Shared Funny Videos

The most funny thing regarding what celebrities are doing during quarantine came from newly wed couple Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain. Iqra Aziz always tries to keep her followers entertained by posting funny videos. Recently she posted the video of her husband Yasir Hussain making Iqra’s braid.

Yasir Nawaz is Cleaning Space

Yasir Nawaz posted a picture of how he was cleaning the space with her wife Nida Yasir and son. The photo had a caption quarantine, family time and clean your own space.

Fatima Effendi Says It Was Family Time

Fatima Effendi thinks quarantine time is family time. So, she makes sure to spend every single minute with her family. She posted a video of activities at home with kids and family.

Maya Ali Is Cleaning Her House

The video of Maya Ali cleaning her house went viral on social media immediately. She is seen cleaning door knobs and switch boards in video.

Saba Qamar Shared Tips

Saba Qamar posted a picture on her instagram and she appreciated the efforts of the doctors, and advised to do self-quarantine yoga, offer prayer and wash your hands.

Imran Ashraf Was There to Motivate Fans

Imran Ashraf posted a motivational video and asked his followers to stay at home.

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