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These If Twitter Dies Memes Say it All about this Bird App

Twitter has imploded, with hundreds of users saying their last goodbyes to the microblogging platform in funny ways. It is fueled by numerous reports of employees leaving the tech giant over new leadership. World’s richest person Elon Musk acquired the social network for 44 billion USD on October 27, sparking uproar around the world. Since then, he has been firing and laying off employees while asking others to work long hours at high intensity or leave. This ultimatum has also caused the staff to leave the company voluntarily. Then recently, Twitter shut down its offices for the weekend without providing any reason. According to reports, the company told the remaining workers to resume on Monday, November 21. Until then, it also suspended badge access over fear that disgruntled employees might sneak in and sabotage the website. The announcement has resulted in a flood of ‘if Twitter dies memes’ about speculations regarding the app’s eventual downfall. It seems that the new owner is also enjoying the memes as he has joined in with one of his own.

If Twitter Dies Memes Picture Elon Musk without any Employees

The reports suggest that the billionaire has sacked half of Twitter’s 7000+ employees since taking over. Most of them included veterans and senior executives who played a crucial part in making the bird app what it is. About 20 workers got fired for criticizing their boss on social media, calling out his incorrect technological understanding. The company had also hired thousands of individual contractors, which were also laid off by Musk. He has also tried meeting with some employees to keep them from leaving, but it’s still unclear how many have decided to stay. Amidst the pile of resignations, Musk has repeatedly been tweeting, suggesting everything was fine. However, some critics, analysts, and social media users are not convinced. In the wake of so many critical terminations, there are serious concerns regarding the app’s survivability and sustainability. The entire blame will be on Elon Musk if Twitter actually shuts down due to his approach.

Incomplete Experiences

The best part of these viral memes is the users sharing how they still have a lot to do on the site before it dies. For a long time, Twitter has served as a dating platform where people have found genuine relationships. It is evident from the #WeMetOnTwitter trend, which shows up on the right sidebar every other day. Along with this hashtag, users proudly proclaim to have found love on Twitter. Unfortunately, many singles still awaited their magical moment when the rumours about Twitter shutting down took over the internet.

Best Place for Memes

The platform has been the most popular place for memes on the latest news and developments. Many other famous apps like Facebook and Instagram also contain screenshots of memes posted on Twitter. Here’s a meme that jokes about the future of those accounts and pages on other apps that rely on Twitter memes for gaining followers. Some think that they might be more sad than the users who would struggle to find memes if Twitter was really dying.

Similarly to other meme-worthy news, Twitter is rather more lively during cricket matches. Especially when it’s India vs Pakistan, users take it up a notch and provide some of the best reasons for making jokes and memes. Even celebrities and brands engage in those conversations, butting heads with their counterparts from across the border. The commentary here is sometimes more entertaining than the game itself.

Everybody’s Favourite Town Square

Some users have already started reminiscing about the time they spent on Twitter. They loved how influential the site was for many by being a town square of social media where people talked about politics, culture, entertainment, social issues, and much more. It was like they were being grateful for Twitter’s existence and would love to see it remain exactly the same. Here’s a meme that pays a touching tribute to the bird app in case its new ownership fails.

Is Twitter Really Ok?

In the end, some users also made fun of Musk for downplaying the issue by pretending everything was fine. Despite the reports of important employees leaving, the billionaire claimed that he was not worried as the “best people” stayed with the company. However, not many were willing to buy that after looking at the conversation on Twitter. The employees who left refused to comply with Musk’s “extremely hardcore” pledge when they already worked 60-70 hours a week. Many experts predicted that if Musk continued with this pace, the platform could die as soon as it reopened offices. However, Musk has not responded verbally to such criticism and instead boasted about how the controversy was increasing Twitter’s usage, hence, the memes.

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