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What is Curriculum Definition?

So what does curriculum mean? The curriculum definition is any course of study teaching in school or college or other educational or training institute. Curricula is the plural for curriculum. The curriculum description is very vast. The standard curriculum synonyms include subjects, schedule or studies.

Different Types of Curriculum

Let us have a look at the various types.

Written Curricula

These subjects are the most common in use. The written form is used in the schools. Examples may include books, films, supporting documents, and facilitating material for the teachers. The learning in these types of courses only reflects the thinking of the person or persons who wrote it.

The Hidden Curriculum

The hidden curricula do not refer to something that you hide from others. It means those personal experience that you form as part of your life. Therefore, we can say that it links to the perspectives that we have. A view changes sharply from one person to another.

Null Curricula

The null subjects are relating to things that may be substantial for the students. But somehow, they are not taught in schools. An example can point to the students in business schools who are not taught the importance of networking. Therefore, it is otherwise of null or zero influence but can help many land the jobs of their dreams.

Concomitant Curriculum

It is a particular type of teaching. It refers to the experiences that families have which they share with their kids. We can also call it the values that parents give to their children. Religious seminaries may also impact this type of education. This kind of teaching is not limited to the children only.

Currently in Use

What is Curriculum Definition?This kind of knowledge typically refers to the in-use textbooks. It only relates to the strict bookish knowledge. It does not include another kind of education given in schools. Therefore, it is a more formal body of knowledge instead of other ways of learning.

Internal Curriculum

A learner who wants to create a new body of knowledge. It is not necessarily structured and may rely on different types of contents, real life experiences, and other information. For example, the way a student holds knowledge in their mind can be referred to the internal curriculum.


This book of knowledge entirely consists of learning obtained from the internet. The learner can accomplish this learning formally or informally. It can include learning from social media, by exchanging emails, and through engagement in online conversations.  

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