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What Is Singularity and When Will It Happen?

Before you get to know the answer to what is singularity, just make yourself think something about future. Have you ever imagined a creature on land that will be teaching its next-generation “once upon a time there existed human beings?” If not, then time has come for you to start contemplating about non-human successors; because Google’s Chief engineering Ray Kurzweil has predicted the happening of singularity in 2045, and it will change the present mode of human life on Earth.

Now arises another question-

What Is Singularity?

Well, Kurzweil’s predictions are enough to make those who know what singularity is, forget about historic prophecies of Baba Vanga and even Nostradamus prognostications.

Singularity is a mathematical term that expresses a point in a function when the value becomes infinite and difficult to calculate.

Tech experts use singularity to express the point where artificial intelligence (AI) will become the Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and start creating new machines powered by AI.

So Artificial Super Intelligence is the exact answer to what is singularity.

According to Ray Kurzweil’s predictions by 2029, a machine will be as powerful as human beings. And, singularity or ASI will happen in 2045.

It is a common perception and depiction in sci-fi movies of Hollywood that machines powered by artificial intelligence battle with human beings. But, Kurzweil opines that AI will only empower the human beings.

How Artificially Will Intelligent Machines work?

An analysis of the available information suggests that machines will begin to think like human beings, once they connect to the human brain. In other words, it will be possible to upload human consciousness into computers; if the idea becomes practical, then it will render the human body a useless. Because the conscious will have another place to live in.

And, if AI and ASI become a norm and commoners start adopting these technologies, then the human race will become distinct, or it will see its mechanic successors.

Should Humans Start Innovating in AI

Use of AI in tech products has become quite a norm. Robotics technology always exploits AI at certain levels; iPhone’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are the two typical cases where Artificial Intelligence is used. Recently, news went viral about Google’ AI to predict heart disease through scanning eyes. There is no harm in using the technology as long as it doesn’t present any threat to the human survival or sustainability of the core human values.

It is a fact that evolution is an inevitable process; even human beings have come a long way to evolve into the present form. But the question is, those who know what is singularity and favor it in the name of evolution must ask themselves if they will like to imagine the machines teaching their next generation about “Once upon a time there existed human beings”.

Being a C.E.O of Evolverstech Nasir Ibrahim has a close watch on the dynamic and ever-evolving world of IT and Technology. He is passionate to write about latest technology trends, IoT, digitization and innovations taking place around the world.
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