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What is the Right to be Forgotten?

The right to be forgotten asks the internet to forget a person if that individual does not want to keep showing up in the search results. There are many cases of people going to court to exercise their right to be forgotten.

Example of Right to be Forgotten

Let us give you an example to make you understand about the right to be forgotten. A businessman went through losses and had to sell their assets. Someone shares the auction documents of that businessman’s assets online, and they go viral. However, later the businessman starts another venture and gets out of the financial woes. The internet searches against the person’s name keep on showing the same auction documents. In this case, the entrepreneur can exercise their right to be forgotten.

Why do We need to Request the Right to be Forgotten?

The search engines cache a lot of data that remains available online for a lot of time. However, we may sometimes do not like the search engines to display our data for some reason. The cached data remains accessible for people searching against our names or queries related to us.

EU’s Take on Right to be Forgotten

The European Union is making efforts to implement the right to be forgotten. The new privacy law in the EU gives the individuals the right to be forgotten. Furthermore, the law states that searches must not show old, irrelevant or inaccurate data.

For example, many of the mid-aged individuals may still have their pictures from the university days that may not want to show to the world. Although, EU remains ahead of the world when it comes to implementing the right to be forgotten. However, the European Union hopes that people in other parts of the world would eventually be able to exercise this right too.

In the final verdict, the EU says that right to be forgotten can help individuals and entities. Furthermore, it adds that this power should not be used as a way of censoring information about persons who have done something wrong.

People and the Articles Written on Them

Celebrities and even ordinary citizens sometimes get into a quagmire with articles written on them. Sometimes, those articles are not accurate and do not reflect their real situation. At other times, the matter is in the court of law, and later the person gets a verdict in their favor.

However, when a person searches their name online, these articles keep coming up on top of the searches. Therefore, it creates a problem of personal reputation. Even large corporate organizations can face the problem of overcoming bad reputation. It provides a way out for all those individuals and entities who feel being wronged by the internet.

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