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What makes Samsung S21 FE Different from the Original S21

The flagship phone of the Samsung S21 has been discontinued since the new models have come out. Customers can still get used ones, but brand-new devices are not an option anymore. However, the tech giant has recently announced at CES 2022 the arrival of the Samsung S21 FE at which is slightly different from the original version in terms of price and specification. Apparently, the phone is the downgraded lookalike of the flagship model designed for those interested in the galaxy S series 21 phone.

Major Differences between Samsung S21 FE and Flagship S21

When it comes to Samsung devices, the focus is usually more on the devices’ performance considering the advanced camera features, LED panel designs, storage and processors. Mostly, the elite models have certain features that the users are often fond of. But the expensive price structure bounds the mediocre buyers from getting the flagships. Thus, several alternatives fill the gap and somehow satisfy the customer needs with the lookalike devices. New Galaxy A series including the phones; A32, A52, and A72 and slightly similar to the latest Galaxy Note series as their appearances are a bit the same. Samsung S21 FE complements the company’s tradition as its downgraded features, but the similarity of name and shape describes that the company sees what users want. Though even with some uncanny features, both the fan edition and the original model are very different from each other.

Cost Analysis

Since the Samsung s21, along with its advanced versions, was not a cheap device. The phone was designed for the elite class people interested in galaxy devices. According to speculations, the fan edition mobile is also probably not for the middle class. The price difference is not much but just $100. The initial cost of the Samsung Galaxy S21 was $799, and the latest Samsung S21 FE will initially come under the price of $699. The difference is not too much, but the S21 lovers can consider it a good replacement as they are unable to buy the original one now.

Design and Appearance

One of the major differences between the two models is the screen display size. The newest edition has a bigger LED of 6.4 inches, whereas the original one had 6.2 inches. However, the phone’s back is the same with 3 cameras in line. There is no particular difference in the appearance of devices.


It looks like Samsung S21 FE is a better option as far as the battery is concerned. For $699, the users can buy a 4500mah battery backup. However, the expensive S21 was offering 4000mah. The other specs, including the power watts (25) and USB charging ports, are the same.

Is Galaxy S1 FE Worth Buying?

Given the almost similar attributes of the new Samsung S21 FE, it is more likely to be a second copy of galaxy s21. Both phones have 5G internet connectivity, same Ram 6/8G, and storage 128/256Gb. Other than that, with slightly fewer camera features, the devices have nearly similar pixels quality (32MP selfie, and 64Mp primary cameras). Unlike many other doppelgangers like the Samsung galaxy Z fold, which seems superior to its predecessors, the S21 reborn is a promising device as it resembles its parent phone and has almost similar features in a low-price range. Though, it depends on the customers whether they want to buy an already discontinued phone with a makeover or go for an entirely new one.

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