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What Saba Qamar Movie Ghabrana Nahi Hai Is All About?

The production house JB films recently released the official trailer of the upcoming Ghabrana Nahi Hai movie. The film is studded with a star cast. The trailer reveals that Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmed, and Syed Jibran are the key characters of the movie. As per the trailer, the protagonist Saba Qamar is the prime character who stands against the villains along with her companions.

What is The Story of Ghabrana Nahi Hai?

Ghabrana Nahi Hai movie is going to be released on Eid-Ul-Fitr 2022. The trailer shows that the film spans multiple genres. The movie revolves around a love triangle that isn’t entirely disclosed. Other than that, the viewers of the movie will see politics, action, conspiracies, corruption, thrill, and comedy.  The trailer doesn’t give details about the plot but it reveals chunks that are self-explanatory. The role of Saba Qamar in the movie is of a fearless woman ready to take a stand for anything she believes in. She is an influencer who doesn’t want anyone to stand in the way of justice. The scene where she puts a gun on the supposed villain’s forehead shows that the purpose of the film is women’s empowerment.  

The Diverse Cast of Movie

Pakistani movies are becoming more and more productive, innovative, and trendy. The previous Pakistani Punjabi movies of the 80s and 90s were legendary as per the era and people used to love them. And as far as the latest films are concerned, they are a bit different and more progressive in terms of comic elements and action based on the current period. Ghabrana Nahi Hai movie has once again brought back some of the finest stars of Punjabi movies who are recognized for their wittiness in dialogue deliveries, humoristic nature, and action. These actors include Sohail Ahmed aka Azizi, Nayyer Ejaz, Afzal Khan Rambo, and Saleem Mairaj. The movie has merged the celebrities of old and new eras to produce a rather diverse masterpiece for the audiences.

What Message the Movie Attempts to Portray?

Many new films like Karachi Se Lahore, Paray Hutt love, and other recent projects have grasped the attention of many youngsters due to several reasons. Ghabrana Nahi Hai movie is another title that touches on the current social issues including the existence of patriarchy in society and more importantly women suppression. In the movie, the lead actress, Saba Qamar is playing the progressive role that indicates how strong women can be in any social setting. Other than that, fans of Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmed, Syed Jibran, and other esteemed actors can expect a productive film encompassing all elements of entertainment. Ghabrana Nahi Hai is one of the most anticipated Pakistani movies to hit the cinemas this year.

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