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What Does Sony Buying Bungie Mean for the Firms and Gamers? 

The creator of PlayStation, Sony, and the developer of Destiny and Halo, Bungie are becoming one since Sony is taking a big investment step to buy Bungie for $3.6 Billion. Sony buying Bungie will probably be an evolution in the gaming community since two big platforms are merging. Other than that, the developer of Destiny and Halo will benefit from this alliance as PlayStation is already a big name in gaming and entertainment. Bungie itself presented views about being a part of Sony, and the company seems satisfied with the association. 

How Sony Buying Bungie Affects Them Both?

Apparently, Sony buying Bungie is a beneficial business deal for both platforms. Bungie itself mentioned in a blog post that it would be an excellent venture to work with Sony. It also took the announcement to social media and posted how it would prosper with this relationship. In the Twitter post, the company mentioned that it has a good potential to form Allies worldwide. The post also said that the Halo developer has found PlayStation to accomplish the big goals they wish to acquire since PS is also committed to the same accomplishments as Bungie.

According to Bungie, it will continue its functions as a multiplatform, publisher, and independent studio. However, it will be collaborating with the PlayStation team, including the studio’s developers, Jim Ryan, and the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

According to reports, Sony will become much bigger after connecting with a new team that also happens to be quite popular in the gaming world. PS family is just expanding its grounds to go big. As per many gamers and people, both companies might be producing a new and big project collectively that will benefit them in terms of revenue and popularity.

Does This Mean No Bungie Exclusive Games? 

The head of PlayStation studios, Herman Hulst, wrote in a blog post that he was excited to announce the addition of a new member to the PS group. Hulst expressed that he was fascinated by the games Bungie produced using impressive technology. The head of studios explained that Bungie would work as it used to work. This means that Sony buying Bungie won’t affect its Exclusive games. This also means that the exclusive titles will not come under the PS name. 

Was the collaboration an Outcome of Competition?

Sony has been active in announcing new projects for its growth. The recent announcement was about PS5 going to launch PS3 games in 2022. Other than that, the group is growing faster with innovations like launching a controller for smartphones. Despite this, the reports say that Sony buying Bungie was an outcome of being a competitor with other platforms. The reason behind such speculation is Microsoft’s announcement to acquire Call of Duty and Overwatch publisher Activision Blizzard. It even proposed a $68.7 billion deal to pursue the goal. However, the regulatory approval is pending. But the news has got people thinking that PS took this innovative step to beat other tech giants in technology and gaming. 

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