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What Thomas Cook Customers Should Do after Company’s Collapse

The overnight liquidation of Thomas Cook, which is one of the oldest British companies and one of the oldest travel companies in the world, has left passengers stranded. The company since then has been closely working with the British civil aviation authority to bring back British citizens stranded abroad.

Thomas Cook Customers Are Advised Not To Panic

In a video released by Martin Lewis, a money-saving expert advised people not to panic or rush to the airport before time. He is urging people to keep in constant contact with the British authorities and to keep on visiting  and call +44 1753 330 330 for any information.

In some cases, people who used the Thomas Cook holiday packages have been detained by hotels or their accommodation providers out of fear that they might not get paid. According to some social media chatter some holiday goers have been forced to pay up to 2500 pounds before they were allowed to leave.

Martin has advised people not to pay the hotels or accommodation providers in cash and call the CAA for assistance and let them take care of the problem, but if the situation is becoming violent for your safety, it is recommended that you pay up.

Accommodation Charges Will Be Paid By The Government

Various accommodation providers that we’re in a contract with the British company have been assured that their charges will be paid by the British government’s Air Travel Trust Fund and Air Travel Organizer’s License scheme or ATOL.

Other customers who have advanced booked for holidays or have booked any service offered by the company will be reimbursed where possible.

CAA Launches Repatriation Operation

The British civil aviation authority has launched one of the biggest repatriation operations after world two and the biggest in British history. Various airlines have been contacted, and a total of 12 planes have already been dispatched to initiate the operation.

According to a recent update by the British Aviation Authority, a plane carrying 300 passengers will be landing in Manchester airport around 5 pm local time.

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