Android OS is driven a dedicated Android Community

Android is the name of the open source mobile operating system now owned by Google. There are variety of smartphones and tablets which use it. Android Technology Community has developed this mobile operating system giving access to services owned by Google. The Android Community’s access of services to users include YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail among others. Google has also developed app store. When you want to install a new application on your smartphone, you need to access app store for Android. You can go online to search more on Android and its different features. In modern smartphones, Android may help you write emails, assist with directions, and watch videos.

What is Android Technology?

Smart phone features are driven by Linux based Kernel. Even the upcoming Android phones use this Linux based Kernel. The technology of upcoming Android phones uses the same open source mobile operating system. The latest Android version allows you to take advantage of new phone features. When you buy a new phone, it has the latest Android version installed on it. The Android technology has seen a great deal of advancement. Google has added many new version of the Android mobile operating system compatible with new smartphones. The technology of Android OS has improved a great deal which can be witnessed in the new features offered.

What is Android Application?

App Store for Android

An Android Application is the mobile app used to add functionality to your smartphone. Many developers offer Android freeware apps without any cost. You can also download Google app for Android. There are also paid mobile apps for Android available in Play Store. Most of the developers offering Android freeware can also choose to set a price. The mobile apps for Android are driven by user ratings. If users do not like an application, it is bound to go down. On contrary, a mobile app liked by user may see even hundreds of thousands of downloads.