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What’s App’s Voice Typing Feature- What is It All about

Here comes an exciting news for Whats App fans in the form of its new voice typing feature; something which going to make communication through this app a lot more easier.

So, What is This What’s App Voice Typing Feature All about

Voice typing is not something that one should confuse with voice recording. In fact, the feature as a distinct use and people have liked it just like delete for everyone update.

Users can easily access this feature. For this, they need to use the microphone icon located on keyboard. Android users can find this icon above the keyboard, while iOS users can look up for it on bottom right of keyboard.

Those who are used to of Siri and Alexa might not find it new but there is something really worth using about it.

What Are Glitches in New Feature

This voice typing update is not that much consistent; like when you tell it to stop at the end of a sentence instead of placing a full stop, it types it. But we hope that this will gradually improve in future.

Some Benefits of This Feature

The applications of new Whats App update are endless; it has made it easy for blind people to use a smartphone messenger app. Similarly people with any kind of physical disability can also benefit from it; Instead of typing or holding down the mike button to speak, they can lock the mice and talk for as long as they want.

Experts are of opinion that short term uses of this feature are minimal but in a long run it will become efficient to incorporate more uses.  What’s app has become one of the most popular messaging app, as it has given tough competition to its peer in a very small time.

So What Now

Originally made by  Jan Koum and Brian Acton, WhatsApp now is owned by Facebook who bought it for 19 billion us dollars in February of 2014. Since then What’s App has introduced several updates to make its user more simple and sophisticated. The messaging app is also coming up with ways to combat fake news. It speeded up its efforts in this regard after increased cases of provoked mob lynching in India, based on fake news spread through its platform.

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