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How WhatsApp Anonymous Messages Hide Identity?

WhatsApp Anonymous messages seem to be the latest trick for the users to send messages without letting the receivers know about their identity and source of the texts. Recently, the application has been cooking up some fresh and nice updates for the users, for instance, the windows app for personalized usage and a few others. Other than that, it has also been in controversy due to its privacy policies. However, a loophole to keep the sender secret is out and surfacing the social media as well. This isn’t some update proposed by the tech giant but a trick to anonymously send messages to people.

Steps to Send WhatsApp Anonymous Messages 

People who wish to contact other users anonymously can use WhatsApp tools to send an anonymous text. After entering the tool page, they can select “Anonymous Message” and the country code. Lastly, the users can type the recipient’s number and send the text. The anonymous texts will not reveal the sender’s number and the display picture. WhatsApp tool allows you to see a picture of a person If they have a public account. It also tells if the users are online or not.

Why Send Anonymous Messages?

The application is used widely for multiple purposes, including socializing, sharing documents, and even professional working. But many people wish to keep their identity hidden while talking to a person for the first time due to privacy and security concerns. The app doesn’t allow that because one way or the other, senders or receivers find out who they are chatting with. WhatsApp anonymous messages are an excellent way to keep ID covered. This way, the sender won’t be insecure before having an online discussion with someone for the first time. People have been protective about their identity, chats, and calls that they even despised the news about WhatsApp’s privacy policy. It was about breaching the conversations of users. Later, the app clarified that the updated version had end-to-end encryption, which doesn’t allow anyone to jeopardize a user’s privacy.  

Misuse of the Feature 

Where many find sending anonymous texts appropriate to keep their identity hidden from other users while sending texts, there are chances that cons might use it for harmful purposes. The hack has a pretty simple process that anyone can quickly learn, and this might be the biggest threat for some users. In other words, technology has also been used by criminals and frauds to target people, and WhatsApp Anonymous messages might turn out to be an anchor for people with bad intentions. 

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