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WhatsApp’s Famous Feature “Delete For Everyone” With Upgraded Rules

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps of all time. This App is more popular because of its different features among the users. We came to know a few time back that this messaging giant has introduced an interesting feature “Delete For Everyone”. At that time there were many regulations which were not understandable by the uses regarding this new feature. Now Whatsapp is all set to change the regulations for this feature so that users can delete their unwanted sent messages more properly!

“Delete For Everyone” With New Rules

There are many important amendments performed in the amazing “Delete For Everyone” feature by Whatsapp.

Mechanism Of Upgraded “Delete For Everyone”

Let’s have a quick analysis of these changes and upgrades!

According to the media sources, this upgrade works very efficiently but not so much in the favor of those who don’t want others to see the embarrassing text messages. Now there is a change in the limit of the recipient also, this means that the message won’t be canceled if the receiver hasn’t got the request within 13 hours 8 minute and 16 seconds after you selected the option of “Delete For Everyone.”

This will happen the receiver’s cell phone is switched off or the network connection is not available on that smartphone and receiver has not received the revoke request of your messages. When the smartphone of the receiver will turn on those messages (the embracing ones, You know) will be received by that person!

Further Explained

This could be more elaborated by the tweets below which are the reflection of how the changes are being done in this feature through a new upgrade by WhatsApp.


Well, most of the people think that this upgrade was not required as the feature was doing quite well before. Now, this feature will only create new issues when all those embarrassing texts will reach a destination they don’t belong!

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