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WhatsApp Memes Flood Social Media After New Update

Once again, WhatsApp memes made by social media users, are overflowing on different platforms. Seemingly, the application gave crawlers another chance to troll its policies and updated version. The only sin the app committed this time is that it added a WhatsApp-status option, and users went crazy over it.  

WhatsApp Memes Are People’s Way Of Telling Mark To Stop Updating 

Since 2009, WhatsApp has been ruling the messaging world as the users have always found it efficient, easy, and a quick way of communication. However, users have become cautious since the tech-giant came up with a new WhatsApp privacy policy. It supposedly implied that the app can penetrate the user’s privacy. In other words, the policy made an impression on users that their chats and other private information weren’t safe anymore. Hence, the social media users started making WhatsApp memes. Afterward, the communication application clarified that it neither stole any data nor invaded the users’ privacy. 

Furthermore, WhatsApp currently added a status feature as per its new update. Through this new option, the application can post statuses to inform about the updates and policies to its users. It seemed to become an amusing thing for the social media crawlers that WhatsApp was on WhatsApp now.

Besides, not everyone is a fan of the messaging app now after the policy update. Therefore, the people who saw the new status update on their application, thought that it was another stunt performed by the tech giant. And for those, whose privacy is extremely important to them, became a bit worried about the idea that the app might have a new skeleton to reveal. 

What Influenced WhatsApp To Add The Status Feature?

Due to the updated privacy policy, many users became cautious and tried to avoid using the application. Moreover, in the moment of heat, the app users started looking for WhatsApp alternative apps, even the Tesla owner, Elon Musk suggested Signal application as an alternative. 

WhatsApp witnessed a massive decrease in people’s interest in WhatsApp and a constant increase in the downloads of other apps including Signal and Telegram. Consequently, the application took steps to assure its users that the app was secure and didn’t’ intend to spy on the public’s private information including calls and conversations, reportedly.  

Is The New Status feature Effective?

The new status option is the reason behind WhatsApp memes that people posted on social media. Although, it is the newest initiative by the app in order to interact with its users regarding any updates. Supposedly, the communication application’s current approach is an outcome of the public’s reaction towards the privacy policy. The tech giant presumably acknowledged the alleged misinterpretation of the policy update; thus, added the status feature so that no user should have to face any misinformation about further updates.   

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