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How WhatsApp Security Flaws Can Lead to A permanent Account Hack?

According to researchers, WhatsApp Security has a few issues that make the application unsafe. Billions of people use the application to communicate since it is a quick medium of communication. Though, the users are somehow clueless about how close they might be towards losing their accounts. Apparently, the particular issues have always been there but the users have not been aware of such flaws. 

Why WhatsApp Security Has Some Flaws?

According to the researchers handling the safety domain of the application, the WhatsApp security can be breached by hackers and they can access the users’ phone number. Accessing the number will not allow them to deactivate or hack the account due to the 6-digit security code in the users’ phone. However, the breacher can acquire access through getting information from WhatsApp support after entering incorrect code multiple times and blocking the entries, due to which the support center will allow the person to change the password via Email. The unauthorized person will become authorized when he will have user account details including the password. 

How Can Users Protect Their WhatsApp Accounts?

WhatsApp security has been the most talked about thing in recent years. The reason is the new WhatsApp Privacy policy which has led people to think about the safety of their data. Although, the users must know about another glitch in the existing security system of the platform and how to avoid getting hacked. 

The tech giant hasn’t given surety to its users that if it is going to fix the problem or now. Nonetheless, it has provided a solution to its users. In order to keep the account safe and protected, the users must register their email addresses to their WhatsApp accounts. This way, any hacker with negative intentions will not be able to gain user data from any possible means. 

Is WhatsApp Safe Anymore? 

The globally used application for communication has always been popular due to its services. Even so, the portal has been facing some crucial time due to the lack of its functionality in terms of data privacy and security. 

Previously, due to the updated privacy policy, users started to lose faith in WhatsApp security systems. Also, they started looking for WhatsApp Alternative Apps like signal and telegram.   

Later, the company ensured the public that they misunderstood the policy as it doesn’t seem what it is. 

So, the answer to the question here is still vague since the company has gained many of its users back but not all of them. The security of the application lies with the user’s trust in the application.

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