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WhatsApp Stops Working on Outdated Smartphones Benefiting Manufacturers

The globally popular and widely used messaging application WhatsApp is about to be ghosted on some smartphones including iPhone and Android phones. The reason behind this drastic change is the latest version of the app. The recent and updated app version is compatible with all the new devices. However, unfortunately, those who have smartphones with older android or IOS versions would need to upgrade their devices according to the recent version.  

Why WhatsApp Stops Working On Certain Smartphones Due To The Latest Update?

The Facebook-owned messaging app has always aspired to give users a good user experience by keeping the application updated. However, many smartphone models have become useless in terms of downloading and running the latest WhatsApp version. Although, the users were able to use the old app version and could still enjoy its services. 

Nonetheless now, the problem is that the current upgraded version of WhatsApp is not going to be compatible with the old operating systems and software versions. The reason is that the app is loaded with some new and appreciative features like dark mode, WhatsApp web, customizable notification settings, etc. These updates make the messenger incompatible with the old phone models. Therefore, goodbye WhatsApp if a user isn’t smart enough to buy a new phone with good specifications. 

What Happens To Market Value Of New And Old Smartphone 

Android 11 and IOS 14 have turned the tables and brought great innovation in the world of smartphones and electronics. However, the very innovation also turned older phones into the trash. The reason is that not only WhatsApp stops working on such phones but also several other applications like Instagram, and Skype lags too. 

Shopkeepers who deal in used smart cellphones would face issues after the discontinuity of the messaging app on the outdated phones. Supposedly, those who own phones like iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, Samsung S5, Galaxy note 4, etc. would face difficulty in selling those phones because of low market value due to no WhatsApp. Correspondingly, the smartphone sellers would be stuck in a tough spot since they won’t be able to sell old phones as well. 

Good News For Electronic Tech Giants 

The exclusion of WhatsApp from the phones that can’t be updated might turn out to be an amazing source of revenue for electronic tech giants. Samsung and iPhone launch midrange smartphones every year. Hence, the users who can’t use WhatsApp on their older mobiles would have to buy new phones which will increase the market or the latest mobile phones and revenue of these companies to a great extent. 

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