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New WhatsApp Updates Reveal Addition of View Once Feature

The new WhatsApp updates and imminent features will include a new function similar to Snapchat and Instagram. The social media users call in the ‘view once’ feature. The upcoming update will bound the users to view an image or video only once. Apparently, WhatsApp is planning to alter the image viewing setting for the convenience of its users. It isn’t sure whether the users need this type of update or not since they already have Snapchat and other apps that offer such features.

WhatsApp Updates how Users Recieve Images and Videos

Recently, WABetainfo (WhatsApp beta info) tweeted about the addition of the latest feature in the WhatsApp updates. It revealed how the chats will look after the application is upgraded with the view once update. After the feature is active in the chats, the users will not be able to view an image twice.  Once they open it, it will be removed automatically just like it happens in Snapchat. Other than that, the feature will allow users to verify if the receiver has opened the media or not. 

The upcoming update looks promising in terms of providing a secure chat environment for the users. The question here is that will this upgrade be advantageous for the tech giant or not? WhatsApp is among the most popular and widely used social media application. Around 2 billion people use the application on daily basis. They share pictures, videos, and files through the app since it is believed to be a convenient way to transfer the data. People use it for both entertainment and business purposes. In 2017, research on WhatsApp’s daily data share revealed that people shared over 4.5 billion pictures and 1 billion videos per day.

Keeping this in mind, people might get annoyed with the latest feature. According to some social media users, copying Snapchat’s format will complicate things for the app users because they won’t be able to keep the images stored. Snap application is designed specially to entertain streak lovers. With WhatsApp adopting this specialty, things could go south for the tech giant. Previously, the company announced that it will charge the WB users for some of the services of the app. It did not turn out to be beneficial for the app since people started using free WhatsApp alternative apps. Similarly, if the tech giant snatches away an interesting feature, it might result in criticism towards the company. 

What is the Purpose Of Introducing View Once?

As per the company’s intentions, the ‘view once’ update will be helpful for users in keeping their devices load-free. In simple words, people can simply save their phones’ space by not getting the pictures downloaded in the app’s cache. Adding this feature in coming WhatsApp updates would help many users in certain ways. Some people who have serious concerns about the company’s End-to-End encryption policy and do not wish that anyone breaches their privacy would feel much safer with the new update. Many believe that its end-to-end encryption is nothing but a fake program as the company allegedly uses it as a distraction to utilize users’ data for its advertisement. For such users, the view once feature will make WhatsApp a secure platform so that users can share images and videos that will not stay long in the chat boxes and the devices. 

Other Important Updates

The tech giant is upgrading the application soon with new WhatsApp updates and features to overcome the damage is caused by making the users unhappy with its policies. Previously, the users were offended by the so-called new WhatsApp privacy policy. They even trolled it on social media since it was one of the ways to let the company know its faults. Now, the firm is coming with some upgrades that might do some damage control. One of the most significant and beneficial upcoming updates includes ’multi-device support’. This will allow users to use the application on multiple devices without an internet connection. This raises a few questions that how will the company manage it. WhatsApp hasn’t yet confirmed its management strategy but in a few months, the users might be able to use the app without worrying about Wi-Fi and data connectivity. 

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